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Recommended Practitioners

Looking for other types of modalities or practitioners on your personal or spiritual journey?

Like you, I am in need of my own holistic care. In these times, there are many others who support my personal journey very deeply. This is a page of my personally recommended practitioners from a variety of modalities. I have met each of these beautiful beings and found fantastic healing, insight, and clarity on my journey because of them.



Rachel, of Rachel Loves Astrology, is an amazing astrology reader and explains astrology very well to us novices and those with deeper knowledge of astrological meaning.

With her insight, knowledge and accuracy, she is perfect for seasoned astrology buffs, too. My solar return chart this year has been spot on thus far – and ever so helpful for navigating the cosmic flow of energies and movements! Rachel’s perspective on the things we find in our natal charts, solar return charts, and day-to-day cosmic transits is so very positive and healing.

Rachel is a very compassionate Astrology Reader. She began studying astrology at the age of 14.  Lost and feeling alone, she turned to this ancient art for guidance. Over time, she perfected her Astrological skills and grew my intuitive abilities in ways that have expanded into my practice.  Over the years, she has invested in her understanding of Astrology, and she helps others find meaning in the chaos by offering her services.

Rachel’s bio: “I am the creator of rachellovesastrology.  I am based in the Pittsburgh area, but offer my services to anyone anywhere!  A natural born healer, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and in Nursing.  I have studied Astrology for 24 years.  With my Psychology experience, I have always been interested in figuring people out and helping others.  With my Nursing background, I have always wished to heal others.  I look forward to guiding you to finding out the secrets held within your birth chart.”

Rachel and I are working together to create upcoming events for you at the Into The Spirit Studio. We hope to combine healing with astrology and to add Rachel’s knowledge to teach others more about astrology in their lives.

Find out more or book with Rachel at 

Or, check out Rachel’s Astrology channel on YouTube:



Kayle of Astrology with Kayle Marie  uses her knowledge of astrology in very heartfelt and accurate readings. She is very astute with her observations of how our astrology interacts with our personal life.

In Kayle’s own words: Through Astrology, I’ve discovered how to become the best version of myself, found healing for my trauma, healed familial and relationship issues, and a multitude of other things. Everyone has access to this type of healing, and using the knowledge I’ve gained through my studies, I’d love to support you on your path. Familiarizing yourself with your Birth (Natal) Chart and personal Astrology can lead you to significant growth, clarity and understanding.

Kayle is offering in-person readings here at the Healing Arts Studio and online in virtual readings. You can find Kayle’s information here on the Into the Spirit website and book a reading with on that page.

Energy Work

Dan Stiker

I have known Dan for many years and observed his personal journey – from developing his own toolbox for self-care, to embracing the skills and training for Reiki, Ho’oponopono, Mindfulness, Meditation, Reiki and Spiritual Life Coaching with an understanding that is unique and comforting.  His wisdom and compassion guide his healing nature to allow clients to find the space of healing they most need.

Dan also offers Paths to Wellness. Dan explains who connects with him for sessions :Your life is stressful. You lack a sense of control and would like to do something about it. Individual journeys takes you through a series of lessons and techniques to help you through the tough times and good times. Mindfulness at Wellness Folk is a meditation practice designed to help you relax and de-stress. Each journey features an introduction to mindfulness, an intention, and a relaxing audio track. One of the great things about these sessions is that they are designed to be done on your own time. You can listen as little or as often as you like, at any time of day or night.  Start this journey to learn techniques to help you through the tough times and good times. Paths include meditation, mindfulness, and Reiki sessions.

We are very fortunate that Dan has also been offering Saturday sessions here at the Healing Arts Studio that include a mix of Reiki, meditation, sound healing and coaching. You can work with Dan to decide what is best for you.

You can learn more about Dan’s life journey and work here at his Wellness Folk site. 

Schedule an in-person session with Dan at the Cranberry Twp Studio here.


Linda Yarbrough

I met Linda several years ago in our parallel Reiki journeys.  Simply a beautiful human with a gift for healing,

I highly recommend working with Linda for Reiki, including Holy Fire Reiki Sessions, Melchizedek Healing Method, Integrative Energy Therapy with Angels, Spiritual Coaching Sessions, doTerra Aromatouch Therapy and Essential Oil consultations and her compassionate Palliative and Hospice Care utilizing Reiki.  Linda has a gifted touch and our exchange of sessions are always on another level and profoundly healing and clarifying.

About Linda:

Linda is a beautiful sound that brings her heart and talents here and also in community outreach in the hospice and cancer support environments. She is also on-staff at Westmoreland County Community College teaching various enrichment classes. Linda also enjoys sharing Reiki with children and has the required security clearances. She also works with pets. She is dedicated to being supportive in your healing journey and considers her students and clients to be a part of her Reiki family.

You can contact Linda or find out more at The Energy Connection site.


Judy Kerr

Judy Kerr of Full Circle Quantum Healing is a phenomenal person, healer, and organizer of healer’s retreats. Her work with Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy provides more than just external healing. You are guided into a hypnotic state in which you access your Divine Self. I have found the deepest levels of personal and cosmic information through my sessions with Judy and I would recommend her and QHHT to anyone.

Who comes to see Judy? From her website:

You may be looking for physical healing, career direction, relationship assistance, or spiritual enlightenment. Sometimes participants have undergone an emotional experience in life that has left them somewhat incapacitated and they seek closure. Clients that have experienced difficult issues such as cancer or suicide, or dealt with family members with disabilities may find information that changes their perspective on dealing with these kind of stressful situations and helps them resolve issues.   A QHHT session empowers YOU to create, what many feel, is an immediate shift in your life, giving you a new perspective through a very pleasant experience.

Judy says, “I was drawn to QHHT during a time when I was very concerned about someone close to me. Tremendous healing was given for the one in need, and I anxiously awaited my appointment, viewing it as a once in a lifetime opportunity. On a personal level, I can say that QHHT has transformed my life. I know that I am not “doing” the healing or “giving” the answers. This comes from above. As I practice Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique with my clients, I feel extremely blessed. All of the wishes I gave thanks for have come into fruition.”

You can find out more about Judy, QHHT, and working with Dolores Cannon or book session with Judy on the Full Circle Quantum Healing Website.



Dr. Zack Uhler of Wilderness Chiropractic in Bradford Woods, PA (near Wexford)

My sessions with Dr. Zack have been extremely healing and insightful – reversing multiple problem areas and creating openings in both the physical body and energetic flow. My body is remembering its optimal state again and beginning to self-correct.  A few of my issues that have improved significantly are realigning the sacrum, correcting knee issues (My knees felt 10 years younger after just the first 4 sessions and I am enjoying that lilt in my step again), and some chronic tightness in the neck, which has brought my singing voice back and I love hearing my natural vibrato once more.

Anything I think of to mention in the sessions, Dr. Zack has a way to help the body regain its health with a blend of chiropractic interventions. I have learned that chiropractic care is not only care for your spinal alignments -it is so much more.  Dr. Zack’s easy way of communicating what is happening in the body, the way the adjustments are performed, and the attention given during sessions are just a few of the reasons I recommend him if you live anywhere in the Cranberry Twp. Wexford, Seven Fields or surrounding areas.

From the Wilderness Chirporactic website:

Dr. Zack is a second generation chiropractor who grew up understanding the importance of regular chiropractic care for optimal health and performance.
He attended Robert Morris University where he received his bachelors degree in biology and played division one lacrosse. He then went on to receive his doctorate of chiropractic from Life University in Marietta, Georgia. After 5 years of practice in Los Angeles, Dr. Zack joined the Wilderness Chiropractic team in 2022.
He specializes in acute injuries, sports injuries and family chiropractic. He completed additional training with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. Outside of the office, Zack enjoys live music, running, playing lacrosse, and long walks with his retired racing greyhound, Atlas.

Visit the Wilderness Chiropractic Website to read or schedule an appointment with Dr. Zack.


Dr. Matthew Flick

I describe Dr. Flick of Pittsburgh Tonal Chiropractic as a Healer’s healer. A session with Dr. Flick can be a spiritual experience on it’s own! I have felt the vibration of my body flowing, adjusting, and elevating during my sessions with Dr. Flick.

You don’t need to be a healer to reap the benefits of Dr. Flick’s services though – For anyone who is hesitant to try chiro at all or those who just prefer to not have a ton of physical manipulation in order to be adjusted, Dr. Flick is such a great choice.

As described on his website: Dr. Flick’s system, best described as Neurospinal Integration, is a synergy of Network Spinal Analysis, Somato Respiratory Integration, and the founding principles of chiropractic.  Neurospinal Integration has helped many people with chronic conditions, acute injury, stress relief, pain, anxiety, PTSD, and much more.  Additionally, his practice members frequently experience sustainable increases in wellbeing and significant levels of personal advancement/transformation.  Dr. Flick holds the highest level of certification available in Network Spinal Analysis and continues to keep current with the latest advancements of this exciting and powerful work.

Look into adding Dr. Flick for your care at

Working with Animals

Janet Jackson

When you want healing for your animal friends and companions or learning to how communicate with them, there is none other than Janet Jackson, co owner of The Energy Connection in Irwin.  Janet is very knowledgeable about many types of animals. She is very intuitive and easily connects with animals. She also understands and hears them. If you have ever wanted to learn how to talk to the animals, I recommend Janet’s Animal Communication Class.

I have completed Janet’s Animal Reiki Classes, as well as her Animal Communication class. As she notes on her website, she is an advocate of animals, nature and the environment, Janet’s work with animals has inspired her to share what she has learned so that others may feel more confident when dealing with animal issues and healing.

Janet also has a deep connection with the Angels and along with her co-owner at EC, developed the HUGG Healing Method that helps us access the healing that the angels want to share with us and has helped many people learn to access their connection with the Angels.

We are so lucky to be connected to Janet and she has said she will come teach any of her classes or do any group healings at the Into The Spirit studio. If you check her site and see something you want, please email me at so we can get it set up!

Meet Janet through her website Animal Angel Lady