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Meditation Courses

at Into The Spirit


More and more, the  benefits of meditation are being rediscovered.

Whether we use meditation as a way

  • to relax or rest,
  • to improve sleep,
  • to reduce anxiety, tension or blood pressure,
  • to provide self-care,
  • to strengthen our connection to Source,
  • to improve our daily functioning
  • to connect with our soul families
  • to dive into our self-work,
  • to navigate with the Shift to 5D,
  • or to just unwind from life’s irritations,

the outcomes of beginning or deepening your meditation practice are being noticed in every sector and continue to grow with scientific evidence.

If you already love meditation, have decided you hate it, think you can’t do it, or feel like you really can’t get into it, there is a meditation style for you. Really!

Gone are the days where we believed that meditation was only achieved when sitting cross-legged, with our fingers in oh’s, chanting ohm. That still works – and now we know there are so many ways to meditate that everyone can find a way to start that isn’t overwhelming.  Or we can consciously develop our meditation practice  in ways that allow us to go deeper.

Choose which level of meditation speaks to you:

There are 3 levels of meditation training – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced learners.

Classes are offered in-person in Cranberry Township, PA and on Zoom.  Groups at your location or mine can also be scheduled by request.

Single-day 2.5 hour mini workshop: $45 (offered most often)

6-week online course @ 1 hour per week or a weekend intensive @ 3 hours each day : $79 (Offered when there are enough interested participants)

If you haven’t tried much meditating or just can’t seem to get into it, the “Perfect for Anyone” level is a good place to start.

If you have been meditating as a casual or regular practice, you may want to visit the “Letting Go and Going In” course in meditation.

If you are a daily meditator who would like to deepen or widen your meditation experience –

or just be with others who are doing the same – then try out the “Going Beyond” course.

There are so many different styles of meditation to fit your personality or needs and we will alternate the types of meditations that are offered.

Level 1 “Perfect for Anyone”  

This course will occur in two online styles. One happens over 3 sessions. These sessions will  usually be EST evening times @ 2.5 hours per session.

The course  will also be offered during a 2-day weekend intensive for 4 hours each session.

This is a perfect beginner meditation course. Great for those who haven’t tried meditation, are still struggling a bit – or who have tried it and hated it.

In the course, we will explore:

  • Benefits and outcomes of meditation.
  • How to discover techniques that work best for you.
  • Developing your meditation state and space.
  • Short meditation and long meditation.
  • Using breath as a tool, a messenger and a vehicle.

You will experience a few different meditation styles to understand the feeling state of meditation space and find your personal preferences.
A self-guided worksheet for conducting your own meditations between and after the course dates will be provided. This way you can explore and  notice your challenges, insights, and triumphs!

Level 2 “Letting Go and Going In” 

This course will also be varied in it’s schedule.  It may be either 4 online sessions @ 2 hours per or 2 sessions of 4 hours each.
This is a mid-level meditation course. Great for the casual to semi-experienced meditators. The theme of this course is letting go of words to dive inside.

We will expand on the awareness that comes from meditation practice and the ideas presented in the Level 1 Course and:

  • Learn how to use intentional breathing to deepen the experience
  • Understand how to allow what comes to you to be your meditation
  • Learn how bringing intention and flow to the meditation state assists us
  • How to be in the space of silence
  • Finding your space of letting go and what it feels like to go in deeply to meditation
  • Discover how to commit to regular meditation practice.

How and what we practice and develop in the class will be based on the overall experience of the participants. In general , we will use music without words and I will give you prompts prior to each practice meditation experience. These will be based on the above bullet list. Discussion will follow these experiences in order to hone the process for each person.

Level 3 “Going Beyond” 

This course, like the others, will present either over 4 sessions @ 2 hours per or during a 2-day weekend event of 4 hours each.

This is a more advanced meditation course. Great for seasoned meditators. We will be navigating the Mind-Body-Spirit-Heart-Soul (MBSHS) Wheel.

At this level, the focus will include:

  • Creating choice in your meditation.
  • Developing feeling and meaning from your meditation.
  •  Meditating as multi-dimensional travelers.
  • Purposeful MBSHS navigation in our meditations.
  • Applying the Meditative State to our daily presence.

Each participant of each level receives handouts of information covered and a Certificate of Attendance for each level of the Meditation Course they complete.

Check the events calendar for next course dates, or sign up for the email list (on the right side of this page) so you can be notified of upcoming events.

If you don’t need or want a class, you may consider joining the online or in-person meditation groups.  Let’s lift each other and soar with our meditations!  “Drop in” for any meditation session at low or no cost.