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Conversations in Consciousness

Conversations in Consciousness is an online discussion group for anyone interested in being present with and expanding their consciousness.

What is a conversation in consciousness?

This is designed to be a space where we can come together in community and explore spiritual, Self,  and related topics. Topics requested so far are related to the Shift, the 5D experience, exploring our personal journeys, understanding the depth of work we are doing on our Being, the M-B-H-S healing processes, shifting timelines, alternate realities, and enlightening our paths. This space of dialogue provides a connection to others who have the same desire to explore our meaning in a purposeful way.

It is also about learning and practicing to become more conscious of what we are already aware. Moving from a space of awareness to possessing consciousness and choice in our lives through language, discussion, observation, feeling, and flow.

What will conversations in consciousness be like?

Themes and topics will be presented by Melissa throughout the event, when needed, and invited from the group of participants. You are welcome to email a question or topic prior to our meeting. Our aim will be to engage our conscious minds and hearts to be present with new perspectives and thoughtful discussions. The hope is that we discover our flow and the conversation arises from that.

There is much we can learn from each other when we are able to listen in presence. Each of us comes with gifts and skills that were meant to be shared. This is our space to create with who we are and all we have to offer. Maybe you will come to simply listen and take it all in. Perhaps you will come with insights and thoughts to share.

How and when will me meet?

Every month we will meet and form a bond of belonging and safety for this introspective and expansive consciousness experience.
Our monthly gathering will take place on Zoom every second Tuesday of the month from 8:00-9:15PM EST. Please request the link so that you may join. As the community grows, we can offer more times to meet.

A helpful note: signing up for the email updates via the Join Now buttons will be helpful for me in getting you the reminders and updates each month.

How much is it?

The CiC discussion group is a donation-based event. You are welcome to join in for free and all donations assist in offsetting fees and honoring Melissa’s time for dedicating a space for us to meet. Donations can be made via or at the bottom of the website homepage

Conversations in Consciousness Guidelines:

1. All perspectives and opinions and beliefs are true and valid to the speaker, even if they are not aligned with yours. Be respectful of the space each person is creating in.
2. To be fully present, we agree to allow each other to provide insight and reflection on information presented. To honor one another, we will ask first if we may add to another’s personal sharing.
3. Viewpoints are just that – a view from the lens of the speaker. Notice your own triggers and beliefs with a pause before responding. In other words, be conscious of your reactions and choose what you want to engage with.
4. Bring a sense of curiosity and imagination. Allow an openness to be within you so that you can be engaged fully in a conscious and meaningful discussion.