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Around the Campfire

Once upon a time,,,

we passed down wisdom from the elders, celebrated together as community, and (re)connected ourselves to nature and each other – around the campfire. Stories and memories and meanings shared in these spaces allowed us to reflect back as we moved forward. The Campfire was a powerful place, full of intention and guidance.

And so, we now gather to create our own campfire – where we can share wisdom, tools, and stories. A warm light to guide our path, our questions and our curiosity.  A space of dialogue to honor our connection to each other. A way to be with others who have the same desire to explore Living.

This fire is lit to connect to embolden our learning and to motivate us.. A fire that lights the way between the spaces of awareness and consciousness. A way to stoke the embers and see the choices in our lives through language, discussion, observation, feeling, and flow.

What will it be like around the campfire together?


Image of a campfire buring.Imagine that we can gather together and create a campfire ceremony for our times. We can use themes and topics, develop a ritual of our own and allow guidance and information to come to us. We could bring the information of the stars, seasons, energetic pathways, and more into the space. We can build upon the skills and knowledge we each have by bringing it together in purpose. We can invite the energy of the fire to inspire us and uncover mysteries, navigate collective meaning, find our joys and, most of all, to be connected.

The focus for each Fire will be invited from the group of participants in advance. You are welcome to email a question or topic prior to us lighting the fire each month. If there are no suggestions, Melissa will take lead to provide our direction, stories and facilitation throughout the event. Our aim will be to engage our conscious minds and hearts in whatever way we feel guided during our time together.


Each of us comes with gifts and skills that were meant to be shared. Many of us may be able to reunite the wisdom of the elders and ancestors and layer the wisdom we have gained as the next elders and ancestors. This is our space to create with who we are and all we have to offer. Maybe you will come to simply listen and take it all in. Perhaps you will come with insights, stories, music, poems, art, traditions, questions, and thoughts to share.


How and when will me meet?

Every month we will meet and form our Campfire Community using Zoom for a 1.5 – 2 hour Campfire Ceremony. Please request the link so that you may join. You may also use the Booking Feature to RSVP your place around the Campfire. As the community grows, we can offer more times to meet.

We will also meet in person in Cranberry Township, PA, once per quarter. These dates will appear on the Events Calendar beginning in February 2023.


How much is it?

Around The Campfire is here for us to explore together. I am happy to offer a space for us to be, play and work together.

You are welcome to join in for free. If you are able to make a donation, it will assist in offsetting fees and honoring Melissa’s time for dedicating both a digital and physical space for us to meet. Donations can be made via or at the bottom of the website homepage

Around The Campfire Notes:

  1. Each of us holds a key to the Story of Us. If you would like to take the lead in any of the discussions, it is appreciated if you email me a little about what you would like to share before our scheduled time.
  2. Honoring the space and conversations asks us to be present with each other –  without distractions or interruptions and refraining from distracting or interrupting others in the group.
  3. All perspectives and opinions and beliefs are true and valid to the speaker, even if they are not aligned with yours. Be respectful towards each other.
  4. We are both honoring the past, which may present cultural differences at times and walking in honor of our present, in which the same might occur. Let’s be open and mindful in our explorations.
  5. Bring a sense of curiosity and imagination and your ember to add to the fire.
  6. Allow an openness to be within you so that you engage fully in the wisdom there for each of us.