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Reiki Classes

At some point, you may feel called to, or have a desire to, learn or deepen your Reiki training.   Anyone can be trained in Reiki.

Everyone can learn to use Reiki. To have this tool available in your daily life brings such meaningful benefits to your healing journey. The healing that Reiki energy restores in our body, mind, and spirit is beneficial for every type of person with any type of need, goal, or intention. Each class level progresses deeper into the healing possibilities of Reiki, adding new knowledge and techniques.

Because each class builds on the level before it, you may want to wait between classes. However, when Levels I and II are offered on the same weekend, if your heart leads you to take those levels together, you may do what feels best for you.

Current Reiki Courses

  • Usui Reiki Levels 1, 2, 3, and Master Teacher Training,

  • Reiki for Animals – Primary and Advanced Courses

  • Into the Spirit/Melissa Carey’s new course- The Infinity Reiki Teachings.

Classes are offered multiple times throughout the year and:

  • You can also request to learn Reiki one-on-one with me by calling 724-777-9969 or emailing: We will adjust the training schedule to meet your needs.
  • Video distance training is here for everyone! Dates will be scheduled based on interest, so call or email to activate a class today. You will learn just as much as those who take in person classes do in these live, interactive learning sessions.
  • If you would like to bring Reiki Training to a group of you and your friends, employees, or practitioners of other health modalities(etc.), I am available for travel anywhere in the U.S. if you can provide the space for your group.
  • I also provide informational/educational Reiki talks to groups or business.

Energy Discovery Workshops and Monthly Webinars

Take one, two, or all 3, of these workshops. Discover the energies and energy patterns working in your life. The Energy of You, The Energy of Relationships, and The Energy of Parenting contain valuable information and experiences aimed at giving you a new perspective of the elements and energies of your reactions, actions, and your being. Having this awareness can bring life-shifting changes! No prior energy work knowledge necessary! These 4-hour workshops are held quarterly and invite new understanding and frameworks to the navigation of your Life.

Workshops are only $50.

New in 2021! These workshops have been so valuable to participants, so I have created a monthly one-hour Energy of YOU Webinar series held via Zoom at the request of the community. We discuss beneficial topics and tools each month. You can join as often as you like- each month hosts a new discussion. $20 per webinar. Yearly subscription rate for full access to the current and past webinars, along with other accessible content is coming soon and will be only $199.

Depending on the needs and interests of clients and people I meet, I also have an archive of workshops and presentations on understanding energy and how it affects you and your experiences that are ready when you are, breathwork, meditation workshops and more.  Check the calendar and Inspiration and Classes section for any upcoming programs. Or – ask me how these topics can help you, your group, or your colleagues or staff and I will schedule just the right one for you.


Learn a variety of meditation techniques that can be used at home for deep healing, spiritual development, or simply to relax. Classes include one or more experiential meditation sessions, demonstrations on “how to” and printable materials for reference. Meditation comes in many forms for many uses and can be easier to do than you think!

Classes are most often held on Zoom. In-person classes at my office can be scheduled by request – or for groups at your location.

Single-day 2.5 hour workshops fee: $50

6-week course @ 1 hour per week: $99


Are you a Reiki student or professional who wants the opportunity to connect with other Reiki people? Interested in giving and receiving Reiki in support of each other? We meet monthly via Zoom to share healing and honor one another’s intentions. Any lineage and level are welcome to join. Bring your intentions and your loving flow. No fee.

Movie Night

Each quarter we will come together as an online community and dive into Movies with Purpose.  Melissa will bring us in with discussion on topics related to the movie for our own growth and development. Then we’ll sit back and watch the show “together.”  No fee.

So much MORE to come

As you share ideas for services and experiences that our blossoming community wants, we’ll build it together. It is my intention to serve as the space and place for our community to find what they need and each other. Suggestions and possibilities include Mindfulness Training, Spiritual Exploration Discussion Groups, and Spiritual Explorers Book Club, just to name a few!