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I just want to say how great I feel today. I feel at peace. Not rushed. Not worried. In control. Happy. Thank you very much.


I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  When my 10 year old was hit in a dek hockey game and went head first into the boards, it was very scary.  The situation got more intense when I heard a crack and he screamed “my head, my neck, I am tingling all over.”

The coaches called me onto the dek to attend to my son.  After checking him over to ensure he could be moved off the dek, he was unable to sit up or walk without assistance. After carrying him off the deck, I laid him down on the ground while a nurse that was at the game and standing right where he got hit approached me.  She, along with others with medical backgrounds, advised that my son go to the ER by ambulance.

As I comforted my son,  Melissa approached and shared that she was a Reiki therapist (practitioner) and asked to treat my son while we awaited the ambulance.  The ambulance was delayed in arriving and Melissa worked with my son the entire time.  A Pastor was at the game and he and his son prayed over my son while Melissa continued to treat him with Reiki.  It was a very scary time.

The ER doctor was very thorough in assessing my son and ensuring scans were completed, given the nature of his injury.  His (my son’s) scans were good and he had an amazing recovery.  He went to school the next day and did not have any symptoms thereafter.

I was approached by several people who witnessed my sons injury and they were all amazed to hear that he recovered so quickly.  If it were not for Melissa being at the dek and providing Reiki therapy to my son, I truly believe things would have been different.  This was my first experience with Reiki and I am a believer. Every time I look at my son I will be grateful for the gift Melissa has and that she shared that with my son.