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Melissa Carey. Founder and Owner, Into the Spirit

With a degree in Music Therapy and more than 25 years of experience in complimentary healing practices, I incorporate treatments that can assist you in your personal healing goals and needs.

As an Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Karuna Reiki Teacher/Practitioner,  I whole-heartedly share Reiki from a place of love and non-judgment. What I offer and create is a safe and inviting place for clients to experience gentle healing techniques.

Having evolved a growing business that is now established under the name, Into the Spirit, I am pleased and excited to offer a variety of Healing Arts modalities including Individual and Group Reiki Treatments, Angel Healing Sessions, Group and Individual Guided Meditation, Sound Healing, PEMF therapy, Health and Wellness Training, Energy Awareness Workshops, Meditation Classes, Spiritual Development and Navigation, Reiki Classes, The Sunsera Method of Personal Transformation© and other programs.

We are bombarded by noise and the stuff of everyday life that is impeding our functioning. Even the Western world is beginning to understand the power and integral healing benefits of the kinds of treatments that I, and many of my peers and colleagues, offer. As an advocate for scientific understanding of the processes that happen during and after a treatment, I rely on current and emerging research in these fields and my own curiosity and interest in the studies of the bio-field, quantum mechanics and quantum physics. Establishing Into the Spirit as a Healing Arts Center is a first-step in integrating not just holistic treatment options for clients, but a holistic study of feedback and evidence that includes many disciplines such as science and psychology.

I want  you to know that I am a very honest and grounded person.  My story has shaped me, but it no longer owns me. I believe in what I do. It works.

But more important than my story is yours.  If you want someone who has been there – who has experienced intense physical pain, anxiety, drama, sleeplessness, despair, trauma; feeling overwhelmed at parenting or your dysfunctional family and other social relationships, or just feeling exhaustion, tension and stress – and knowing that somehow life could be different or had to be (!) better than it was –  but not knowing how or where to begin – and who has come out on the other side with more joy, more peace, and such ease in life, more love, more focus and more contentment, then you have come to the right place!

Come Into the Spirit and let true and lasting healing begin.


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