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Sunsera Method for Personal Transformation

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The Sunsera Method for Personal Transformation is a healing modality for the Shifting World. It accesses interdimensional ancient and future wisdom with all potentialities.

The Sunsera Method brings us into a space of personal and cosmic healing without the shame, blame, guilt, and feelings of lack that have been part of our patterns for thousands of years.

The Sunsera Method was activated through a higher vibrational state as an instant download of information that occurred through Melissa Carey to offer to all beings living on Earth at this time.

An interdimensional spiral of light

What does the Sunsera Method do?

A Sunsera Session is a gentle and effective journey that supports you with clarity, information, knowledge and wisdom. You are guided in an engaging and transformative process for personal growth and development.

The Sunsera energy field creates a beautiful, gentle, deep, and focused healing framework of personal energetics. It allows us to heal within, from, and for the mind, body, spirit, heart, soul and our higher consciousness.

Within the Sunsera Method, we open and allow ourselves to see our Self in Whole-ness. The term Healing takes new shape as we uncover joy, freedom, self-actualization, and the limitless nature of our personhood.

With this high vibrational field and the path that we access within it, we easily release old patterns with ancestral, divined, and internal guidance to rise into our higher vibration form.  You have  access to all that connects with your needs and intentions.

Why choose Sunsera?

There are many benefits and reasons to participate in a Sunsera Session.  Sunsera can support you to:

  • Expand deeply into your personal work and  into the next level of your spiritual journey.
  • Heal and release personal, family, ancestral, and collective traumas.
  • Better understand yourself, your relationships, your patterns, and your perceived obstacles.
  • Discover the root of specific events and experiences in your life.
  • Explore your life’s path and moments in a deep and insightful way.
  • Connect with ancestors to receive information that will assist you in releasing old patterns in your family and yourself.


How does Sunsera work?

Because Sunsera works from dimensions and energies in the higher vibrational planes, I am able to work together and co-create with you quickly and effectively to support insight, understanding and healing on your personal, ancestral, family, and collective struggles, issues, or obstacles that are unresolved or make us feel stuck.

The energy shift that occurs during these sessions elevates your vibration to align with the shifting frequency of the planet. Sunsera energy is a bridge to access direct guidance, knowledge, and understanding. The insight and awareness you gain during a Sunsera Session can be recognized while you are experiencing the session. The ripple effect of this information unfolds in the days and weeks that follow.

The techniques used during a Sunsera Session are simple and easy with profound and elevating results. The individual protocol for the Sunsera Session is guided from information that the recipient provides as Melissa accesses the energy field and guides you into a space of deep healing and insight.


Choose your way into Sunsera…

There are a variety of ways that Sunsera can support your journey.

Combined Modality Session:

We can begin by including the beautiful field of Sunsera Energy in a session with Reiki, Sound Healing, Meditation and Breathwork. You don’t have to know that you want this. When it feels right to do so, I can simply allow it to come in for us.

Sunsera Method Focused Session:

Are you already working with ancestral clearing and healing? Or have you been in a space of deep personal work?  I invite you to schedule a 90-minute Sunsera Session to guide and support your journey. Each session is uniquely guided using the specific Sunsera Aspects and energies of the Sunsera Methodology.

The above sessions are provided at the same cost and time frame as a most sessions offered at Into The Spirit – $75.

Extended Sunsera Session:

If you are already deeply into your personal and spiritual work and understand what that means, you meditate, and would like a process of navigation that connects the dots of experiences for specific areas, you may want to dive in to the extended Sunsera Guided Session. This can provide a space to expand, understand, or create in the relational field of your experiences.

This is a 3-to-3 1/2 hour session that connects experiences that have occurred throughout your life, timelines, and dimensionalities to ignite and inspire changes and shifts that will most benefit you. This is a service of deep personal energetics for healing, clarity, wisdom, understanding and more. Your intentions and needs are focused into a uniquely guided session that will feel amazing. The effects and information from this service continue to unfold for you in the days and week that follow.

This extended Sunsera Session offers profound insight and awareness and is available for $320 per session.

Included with your extended Sunsera Session are many areas of support before and after your session. You will:

  • Receive information by email to prepare for and enhance your upcoming session.
  • Receive insightful suggestions and guidance when your session ends.
  • Receive ongoing complimentary guidance and support with emails, a one-on-one enhancement phone call and optional texts to stay in touch.
  • Receive an invitation to join my monthly Sunsera Shares Zoom group to deepen your Sunsera experience at no additional cost.

Participants of The Sunsera Method offer incredibly positive feedback about the value of this modality and describe this as a “next-level“ type of healing.



The Sunsera® Method for Personal Transformation is a form of personal energetics and spiritual awareness developed by Melissa Carey of Into The Spirit, LLC. Results may vary from person to person or session to session. The Sunsera Method can illuminate patterns within each person and the events in their life. This can be incredibly life shifting and as such, it is encouraged that you seek established medical practitioners or counseling avenues should you feel the need arise after your Sunsera Session.