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Also known as spiritual counseling, soul path exploration, and spiritual mentoring,  the support I offer for your personal and spiritual journey comes from the depth of my own Self journey,  shamanic wisdom, and energy work training. 

Current spiritual guidance clients are experiencing major shifts in their lives when they finally come to me. Some have identified that these shifts and “the Shift” feels overwhelming and it is difficult to know where to even begin. Energies are unbalanced, the body is feeling distressed, the mind is caught in a whirlwind or life feels like it is “out of whack” and sometimes it’s all of these at once.

Other clients are feeling centered and balanced, but have a knowing that there is more for them to do or be. They recognize they will benefit from a peer or mentor to give guidance or focus on certain areas of life. Or they want to talk through their ideas and choices with someone who understands and who can reflect with them and assist in guiding them on how to let go of entangled energies or past issues to move forward.



Why choose Spiritual Counseling?

Through my relaxed, yet direct approach, I assist you in navigating through the ups, downs, obstacles and blocks along with the joys, love, strength and grace that already exists within you to find or embrace your path.

In these spiritual counseling sessions, you will experience a deep process of spiritual/life/soul level coaching that supports you in bringing focus, clarity, harmony, peace, and balance to your life.

The spiritual counseling sessions can be scheduled as in-person, appointments by phone, or face to face via video sessions (and/or group experiences when available). You and I will flow together in these guidance sessions in a space of collaboration and co-creation to assist you in your life’s goals and self-discovery.

I am here to listen, support, reflect, and guide you to discover the topics, themes, and meanings of your questions, struggles and insights. Tools and strategies, as well as activities for self-exploration will be offered as appropriate.

Spiritual/Soul Guidance is the gentle and direct stripping away of those conditional beliefs and allowing each one of us to find out who we truly are. Once you navigate to that place of acceptance, you are able to choose to fully embrace your path- the path that connects you to your soul and your soul to the world.

Spiritual/Soul Guidance is here to show you what parts of reality you are creating and how to shift those parts that no longer serve you, benefit you, or define you.

Spiritual/Soul Guidance is not psychotherapy, psychology, or a replacement for traditional counseling. In fact, many of my clients seek traditional counseling in conjunction with Soul Work and allow those processes to work in tandem with one another.

Spiritual/Soul Guidance is deep and lasting self-work that can have a deep impact in your life and for those around you.

Commit to YOU!

Even just one session with me can have an amazing impact on your life. A minimum of 3 sessions is recommended with a gentle suggestion to commit to your personal growth and understanding on a regular schedule.

Regular per session fee: $65 In-person or Virtual spiritual coaching session. Sessions are limited to 90 minutes. Double sessions (2 1/2 to 3 hours) can be booked in advance for $100.00.


Prefer to TEXT?

Are you interested in using a Text option for Spiritual Counseling? Please contact to inquire about this new and upcoming feature. I am pleased to bring this flexible option into the mix.  Pricing is still to be determined, based on needs, usage and length of text session.


As always, consult with your current medical and mental health providers when adding a new treatment or therapy.  Spiritual Counseling does not provide the same type of support that traditional counseling and therapy offers. All of the options at Into the Spirit work together with all other treatments, counseling, medications, and medical protocol you are receiving – but are not intended or implied as a replacement for your medical needs.