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Transformational Workshops Every Month

Melissa supports our deep work, healing, understanding, and personal transformation with these workshops. The power of the group and each participants intention helps us share the work and grow our capacity for inner wisdom and healing.

Ancestral Insight Workshop

What made sense for the ancestors may not make sense today and yet we continue to repeat what isn’t working. What worked for the ancestors may actually work for us, but we have long forgotten what they knew.  What if you knew how to connect with the ancestors to hear, feel and sense the information they want to share with you today? Where might it illuminate your place and path in this moment if you could know what they know.

Accessing the Ancestors:

Using the profound energies and connection to the ancestral lineages and direct access to the Ancestors with Melissa’s Sunsera Method, we are guided through meditation and breathwork with Sunsera, Reiki, and other high vibration energy flow. We are given the language, tools, and sensory cues needed to gather information from ancestral connections in our archetypes, issues, and patterns. Each month, the workshop will follow a similar setup, however, you could attend frequently as the messages and information will be uniquely guided to the group.

These experiences are brought through with the guidance and insight of the Sunsera Method to discover and uncover whatever it is each participant needs to know, heal, understand, or clarify.  The purpose is to give you new ideas, tools, and ways to deepen your connection with your own ancestral line, with the collective ancestral lineage, and with the cosmic and eternal Ancestors.

We are the next ancestors. We can share our information with the ancestors, bring their information to us, and connect our information to the future generations who look back and connect with us. What we shift and change now makes sense for us. How do we want to connect that with the past, present, and future?

The group workshops give you a foundational space to connect with the ancestors and enhance your personal energetics, insights, and connection with cues and language that you can continue to use on a day to day or meditative basis. We are here to learn and be together. The search for our answers is made easier and lighter when we are sharing our information with one another.

In-Person: 4th Monday’s from 6:30-8:30 PM $25

Online: 4th Tuesday’s from 7:00-9:00 PM $20

Private booking for workshops also available each month.

Generational Reflections Workshop

Some of the things we carry with us that cause our pain, suffering, confusion, stagnation, or looping were not actually ours to begin with. Many of these things are inherited from somewhere in our family line. Using Sunsera Wisdom and Energies to guide us, we can release old ideas of shame, guilt, and blame to focus on getting into the core of the patterns, challenges, and obstacles we face.

Bringing in the energy of family connection through the Field of Sunsera, Melissa delivers a workshop that allows us to bring context, stories, insight, and reflection to the mirror of who we were and who we have become.  Melissa will guide the group through experiences that show you how to connect to the information the family line – past, present, and future – has to offer. These methods bring you into new awareness and understanding of what you can do right now to shift or heal for future generations, whether in your direct line or on a broader scope.

Understanding our past to create new futures:

What actions, feelings, and choices were made several generations ago may have made sense at the time, but did not need to or was not meant to be passed down into each of the next generations. Patterns and choices that may have been implemented for safety, security, and survival got passed down to ensure that future generations could protect themselves from the things that caused it. We can reflect on how they got where they did to mirror for us how we get where we are.

Situations and events may have prompted individuals or whole families to create entire beliefs and ways of living that kept getting passed down, but were only effective for those specific situations and events and are no longer needed but still being held on to. And, in the most loving way we can say this, sometimes people who were dealing with mental health or personal issues may have created patterns for others in their family from their need for control or wellbeing. Those patterns may have become a web of misunderstanding as future generations struggled to connect or understand why or what they were acting in certain ways.

This workshop helps us understand, connect with, and heal the wounds and non-beneficial patterns that arose from within the past generations. If we are going to move forward for ourself, for our families and future generations, and for the collective as a whole, we need a new framework and guide to confront, comfort, complete and change the course of the old patterns.  The purpose of the Generational Reflection workshop is to give you the tools to do just that.

In-Person: 2nd Saturday’s from noon-2:00 

Online:  2nd Tuesday’s from 7:00-9:00 PM $20

Private booking workshops also available each month.

Info on the monthly workshops

  • The workshops are about 2 to 2½ hours including 15-minute greeting, grounding and intention setting and about 20 minutes for our reflection, processing, closing, and goodbyes.
  • In-Person Workshops are located at the Into The Spirit Studio on Marshall Road in Cranberry Twp, PA.
  • Joining an in-person group session is only $25 per person and can be paid online or at the event. Each session is limited to 12 people. RSVP early.
  •  Joining an online Zoom group workshop is $20, rsvp and pay in advance.
  • Prior knowledge of energy work, meditation, or breathwork, or participation in previous sessions or other healing modalities, is not necessary. Melissa makes this feel easy and relaxed for everyone, no matter your current experience in this kind of work.
  •  Workshops can be booked privately for your group, family, business.

Both workshops are available for presentation in your local community. Please direct queries to

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Please note: I am not a licensed therapist or counselor. These workshop sessions focus on the energy or spiritual connection. I invite you to work with your counselor or therapist to support the process of any outcomes or insights from your participation in these groups.