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You don’t need to have a “diagnosis” to have thought and mood issues that impact your life. Each one of us is a being made up of emotions and reactions. A variety of things can put us in a bad mood or elevate us to a great one.

Our thoughts impact our mood. Our moods impact our thoughts. Our past and present life experiences, general disposition, day-to-day routines, nutrition, activity levels, and the amount of sun, water, and oxygen levels we get affect both thought and mood.

On the whole, in the United States, we don’t give much thought to our mood and thoughts until they impact us in some negative way. Even then, we aren’t aware of how to change what is happening to us from the inside, but instead look for external things to change or control. Examples of this include blaming others for how we feel and seeking comfort from food, alcohol or drugs.

Thought and mood are forms of energy that help us navigate our world and react to the events and situations we encounter. If you really observe this without judgment, anything that happens to us begins on an energetic level that causes a feeling inside. (Ever walk into a room and “just have a feeling” about something that’s going on or meet someone that gives you a bad vibe for no reason?) That feeling is based on prior life experiences and belief systems we’ve learned along the way. Those experiences and beliefs develop patterns in us that allow the feelings of our thoughts and mood to dictate the action or reaction we will have.

So, how do we overcome that? How do we change where we are if we haven’t been trained where to begin? Therapies and techniques that work toward aligning with or healing our energy systems, like Reiki, guided meditation and visualizations, and sound therapy are a great way to gently and effectively shift your thought and mood into a more calm, positive, mindful, or resilient state.

In addition to individual healing sessions which may help calm and balance your emotions, decrease anxiety and stress, and help shift thought and mood patterns, Into the Spirit offers classes, workshops, and programs where you can learn tools and techniques to aid your thoughts and moods in a beneficial way.