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Choose holistic tools and techniques for your symptoms…

There are many reasons people come to Into The Spirit.

For a lot of them, it involves physical symptoms that need relief or support. For others, they experiences of mental or emotional discomfort and upset. In many cases, people are reaching out for something new or something that can help their mind-body-heart-spirit and general well-being.

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What are clients seeking for their symptoms and issues?

Almost half  of the clients at Into The Spirit have experienced some form of holistic treatments in the past and already know the value and assistance these tools provide.  When they begin to have new, returning, or worsening signs and symptoms, they choose to address them from all angles and perspectives.

Nearly half of the new clients at Into The Spirit have never tried a complimentary therapy or modality before, but something has guided them to try something beyond what they are currently doing – or to add it to what they are currently doing – and they seek out holistic treatments to support whatever symptoms or illnesses they may be dealing with.

Wait times are skyrocketing for appointments with specialists, therapists, or even medical testing. It is natural that the longer the wait, the more anxious and frustrated we become. The added stress and irritation of waiting it out, often for several weeks or several months, can add to our unease and discomfort. Often, people will seek out holistic services simply to find some peace and relaxation while they wait for their appointments.

There are also those who have recognized they are on their spiritual journey and look to this work and coaching for support, guidance, energy balance, and life tools for their own toolbox. They come here to replenish, renew, and reinvigorate their Being and what they are learning in the deep dive of their own processes – with the support of the tools and services offered.

What can we accomplish together?

There are a variety of holistic tools at Into The Spirit. Combining my background as a Music Therapist, 25+ years of Energy and Intuitive Work, and my personal and spiritual development, along with teaching Reiki, personal energetics, and guided meditation, I intuitively combine modalities that benefit the participant in each session.

From Reiki and Sunsera, to mindfulness and meditation, and PEMF to sound healing, there are techniques and tools for all sorts of physical, emotional/mind and spiritual symptoms and needs.

To see the services and modalities offered, visit the services page or categories underneath.