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There is something special about being with me. I hear this often and understand what people are saying. I am also told all the time that I need to be out there for more people and beyond the area I live in. I have been asked to increase the amount of virtual session times and virtual events that I hold.

In the spirit of being available to reach further on this path, I am doing what is asked of me and offering scheduled days and times when I can be here for You! If you need a virtual session on a day that isn’t on the scheduler, email me or use the contact form and we will let the perfect time align for us.

There are so many things we can do together, from relaxation with breathwork and meditation, to oracle card readings for healing that take us into the core of what you need and want to understand or explore, and the fantastic journey into my Sunsera work.  There are also many group healing events, spiritual exploration groups, ancestral healing group experiences and more.  Read on to see what fits for you.

Virtual Sessions

Meditation and Relaxation Experience

An thoughtful and calming experience using carefully curated music and live sound that includes guided meditative elements and relaxation cues. Allow the body and mind to unwind through the sensations of deep and harmonious physical and mental stress release. Melissa is trained in a variety of meditation and relaxation techniques and will create an experience that is unique and suited to you.


Multi-Modality Immersion Experience

Get a little bit of everything as we let everything you need fall into place. This is a full experience that pulls from a variety of energy healing, aligning, and balancing, with included elements of Reiki and Energy Work, The Sunsera Method, Guided Meditation, Oracle Card Guidance for Healing, Spiritual or Life Path Guidance.



Integrated Modality Sunsera Experience

If you’re not sure what you need, you can start with a Multi-modality session that includes wisdom and energy from the Sunsera Method© of Personal Transformation. If you have recently found yourself in a deeper spiritual journey or a spiritual awakening, we incorporate the ideas, suggestions, and meanings of the Sunsera Method that connect for you during your session.

How would it feel to just know what you are telling yourself with the help of ancestors, eternal beings and the flow of infinite cosmic information?  We begin by including the beautiful field of Sunsera Energy in a session in combination with other experiences such as Reiki, Sound Healing, Meditation and Breathwork and when it feels right to do so, I will guide you into the Sunsera Field. Since we have already created the moment we are in, we will allow what is present in the moment to come in for us.


Sunsera Method Session

What if you knew how to know what you know? And what if it is easier to feel where you are going than you could have imagined?

A session focused in the Sunsera Method is a good choice if you are already working on ancestral clearing, personal and collective healing, or other spiritually elevating techniques. The Sunsera Method of Personal Transformation brings direct insights, information, wisdom, clarity, healing, and understanding. This can be for physical, social, emotional, personal, generational, ancestral and collective issues and patterns.
Each session is uniquely guided for you using the specific Sunsera Aspects and energies of the Sunsera Methodology. We use a Sunsera questionnaire to assist your focus and intention for the session. We use the energy of your answers to guide us into the personal transformation that Sunsera is here for.


Sunsera Micro-Intention Chat Session

Whatever it is you are dealing with right now, working with Sunsera can help.

In this 40 to 45 minute one-to-one chat session, connect with Melissa to use Sunsera for an area that has you stuck, or a problem person or situation has come up. Working on a piece of your spiritual puzzle? Let Sunsera guide you to your own inner knowledge.

Melissa offers and guides with the principles of the Sunsera Method and shows you how to use the Sunsera Aspects in your everyday life for the area you are focusing on – and beyond!
The session gives you insight and clarity along with any healing, relief, or release that is ready to be revealed.


Oracle Card Reading for Healing

Bring healing into your life with the empowerment of Melissa’s Oracle Card Readings. This is not a “tarot reading to see your future” but it does often clarify past, presence, and future options in your life with a deep sense of understanding and release from old patterns and stagnant energies. You will feel a sense of connection with these readings and the healing aspects that flow forth from their guidance.

The cards have guided themselves into my sessions for many years and each one hosts its own energy for healing and understanding. The authors of these cards are, in my opinion, Divinely Inspired, deeply spiritual, and working from a high vibration of existence. Their intent comes across beautifully through the empowered healing in the cards they have created for the world to use.

By using these decks and choosing a card or cards, we can focus into the deep personal healing, guided with the language of the cards for deeper understanding of the core area of what is in need of healing, release, or embracing. Melissa brings healing energies in during the session and, as we complete the session, provides energy rebalance or alignment to support the healing from the reading. This may be the jumpstart you need to flow into the next phase of things to come for you!


Rejuvenate and Recharge Session

  • Begin with a 15 minute guided meditation to calm the senses and prepare the body for deep relaxation.
  • We will then begin a series of breathwork experiences to increase awareness and presence.
  • Next comes a chakra and energy center tune up and alignment.
  • After that, enjoy being guided into relaxation with deeper meditative cues and suggestions of imagery and imagination to optimize the body and mind for release and move into renewal.
  • As we prepare for your complete cycle of rejuvenation, we will work on a cellular level as elements of crystal energy, copper energy, earth frequency and astrological energies are called in to recharge your whole being and activate any new structures and flow patterns for your benefit.
  • You will have 15 minutes of quiet time as Melissa holds the space for you to bask in this space of renewal or ask any questions as you prepare to go on with your day.


Reiki lights the waySpiritual Guidance and Mentorship

Experience access to proven tools and techniques, activities and exercises, recoverable insights and relatable wisdom that encourage your sense of direction and self-discovery in a calming and supportive environment. You are actively engaged in the experience with a knowledgeable and trained guide who will listen, support, redirect, inform, and guide you to discover the topics, themes, and meanings of your questions, struggles and insights.


Sunsera Intensive Session

The intensive session is wonderful when you are already deeply into your personal, spiritual, shadow, or cosmic work. During this high vibration experience you are guided into a space to expand, understand, or create in the relational field of your experiences. The Sunsera Method of Personal Transformation guides, connects, and focuses the experiences of the session to points throughout your life, timelines, and realities..

The Sunsera Intensive Session offers profound insight and awareness. Healers, spiritual travelers, meditation specialists, ancestral healing guides, and energy workers will find the extended session useful both to their deep personal work and to their own work with clients or their community. This work is described by participants as the types of feelings and experiences they have during journey-work or transcendental meditation.
We plan for about 4 ½ hours for this session.


Virtual Group Experiences

Sunsera Immersion Group Sessions

While you are attending with a group of people, you are each having your own experience during this group session. You are tending to the areas of focus you want and need to work on. Each person brings what they need or want to work on, or you may choose to come with an open heart and mind and see what pops in for you.

The Sunsera Method Immersion Session is being offered as a group experience via Zoom each month. This Sunsera Method Immersion Group Session is typically a 3 hour immersive session that Melissa holds for individuals. This extended session is typically $120 per person and you can now get the same deep work and attention within the group for $60 per person during the online experience

This type of session is a good choice if you are already working with ancestral clearing and healing or other spiritually elevating techniques. It is also great for those who have been in a space of deep personal healing work or want a sense of direction on the Path.
Each session is uniquely guided using the specific Sunsera Aspects and energies of the Sunsera Methodology.

Melissa uses prompts, cues, and guidance to create opportunities that elevate your vibration and raise your awareness to connect you with energies that bring understanding, wisdom, clarity, healing, or connection to the root or core of the area you are focusing on.


Sunsera Meditations

These beautiful Sunsera meditations are inspired through the aspects of Sunsera and flow from the energy of the Sunsera Field. The language that we need to hear most unfolds as Melissa guides you to your inner connection.


Group Healing Sessions

Group healing experiences are always happening at Into The Spirit. Melissa supports our deep work with these energy healing sessions. Each month is focused and rooted in common themes that many of us experience. We work together with a chosen theme for personal, familial, and collective healing and understanding. During these sessions, there is time for discussion and reflection.

Using the profound wisdom and energies of her Sunsera Work to support us in gathering information to the ancestral connections in our themes and patterns, the guidance and insight of Sunsera, Reiki’s healing energies, and sensory sound immersion, participants are taken into a high vibration space to discover and uncover whatever it is they need to know, heal, understand, or clear for themselves within the theme.

Online Group Healing Experiences –  4th Tuesday’s from 7:00-9:00pm EST
Online Group Healing Experiences: Ancestral Connection – 2nd Monday’s from 7:00-9:00pm EST

For a list of  healing group themes, visit this page.

Around the Campfire

Once upon a time,,,

we passed down wisdom from the elders, celebrated together as community, and (re)connected ourselves to nature and each other – around the campfire. Stories and memories and meanings shared in these spaces allowed us to reflect back as we moved forward. The Campfire was a powerful place, full of intention and guidance.

So many of us enjoy deep existential, spiritual, energetic, astrological, and philosophical discussions. This is a social gathering for our spiritual development, personal paths, and exploring our mysterious and magical world. All interested students, friends and clients are invited to participate.

And now, we gather to create our own campfire – where we can share wisdom, tools, and stories. A warm light to guide our path, our questions and our curiosity.  A space of dialogue to honor our connection to each other. A way to be with others who have the same desire to explore Living.

This fire is lit to connect to embolden our learning and to motivate us.. A fire that lights the way between the spaces of awareness and consciousness. A way to stoke the embers and see the choices in our lives through language, discussion, observation, feeling, and flow.

Come sit around the fire…