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Through personal experience and observation, and in talking with those who are diagnosed with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, panic attacks, PTSD and other emotional health issues, it is apparent that the physical symptoms accompanying those diagnoses are often dismissed by family, friends, and in the past, even doctors. Sometimes, the link between the mental/emotional state and the physical body aren’t fully recognized by the individual themselves.

Stress alone has a long list of effects on the body that can be as difficult to deal with as any other medical diagnosis. Stress can come from many things – work, family life, or even the reaction to a diagnosis of another disease or disorder. And, most of us aren’t taught very good skills for stress coping during our child and adolescent development. It keeps us in a never-ending circle of fight or flight responses as we grow into adulthood.

Other life events, such as aging, treatments for conditions such a cancer and other blood disorders, and medically unexplained physical symptoms contribute to the vast number of people who seek help from their doctor or emergency room. Research from the Society of General Internal Medicine in 2009 and shared by the NIH attributes “physical symptoms as the most common reason people seek medical treatment.” “Up to a third (fail to receive an explanation,) even after thorough investigation.”

While we are, as a society, getting better at listening to the pain and physical aches and disturbances people are experiencing, there is still a misunderstanding culture of “it’s all in your head” that makes it seem as if someone can just wish or will it away – or that it isn’t real. To really listen to a person’s description of symptoms means NOT minimizing the effect it has on them and sharing new tools and therapeutic avenues to help manage or alleviate their symptoms. Scientific research and discoveries now show that it is our mind that creates the reality we perceive and it is every bit as real as getting a cut, bruise, or broken bone.

If you are in severe pain, feeling suicidal, or dealing with physical symptoms that affect the quality of daily life, please go to your doctor, counselor, or nearest hospital for immediate medical attention. If you are experiencing physical symptoms and wish to add complimentary healing techniques to your treatment, call today and schedule a consultation or treatment appointment to hear how the treatment options at Into The Spirit might help you.