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All of us, at some point in our life, experience a fall or accidental physical injury, sports injury, inflammation or the unexpected, sudden onset of physical pain or disruption. Some of us will require a surgery to help correct or repair something in our body in our lifetime.

There are many ways that our body and mind process the change in our physical well-being. Any of the above conditions may spike frustration, anxiety, increasing pain levels, and of course, visible trauma to a particular area of the body.

Your health and wellness come from many factors and the speed of recovery and return to balance are connected not only to the level of optimal health you were in prior to the event that caused the condition, but also to the levels of calm, resilience, and cellular homeostasis before, during and after the event.

Our body wants to heal. Sometimes, our “stuff” gets in the way or things we aren’t even aware of can impede that healing. Complimentary healing approaches such as Reiki, meditation, PEMF therapy, and sound healing techniques can aid in clearing the mind and aligning the energetic pathways of the body, helping the body to become effective in its own natural healing process.

Reiki, guided meditation, PEMF, and sound therapy have all been shown to speed healing or recovery time; reduce feelings of pain, anxiety and stress; increase ease and effectiveness of surgical procedures; and minimize the trauma associated with these types of acute physical issues.