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The mental health care system in the United States appears to be broken, at best. Many locations across the country experience a lack of qualified psychiatrists for diagnoses, long waiting lists for services, insurance blocks, scheduling back-logs and a host of other issues that people who are trying to get help, support and treatment face. It’s difficult enough to deal with the problem you are having, let alone the frustrations of dealing with the system. In our family, we know this from first-hand experience.

Don’t give up.  It is worth it and you are worth it. Keep making the calls, answering the questions and scheduling the appointments.

If you or someone you know is having a mental health crisis right now, please seek assistance at your local emergency room or call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or 9-8-8. You are not alone.  For more information:

Whatever you are facing, however you got there, no matter what part of the treatment or recovery you are in, at Into the Spirit, we believe that a holistic, mind-body/mind-body-spirit, non-judgmental approach can be a valuable compliment and addition to your current therapy, counseling and medications. Please note, this does not mean it should be a replacement for conventional treatment options.

I share the following trailer here because the entire movie highlights some of the real and raw difficulties people who are dealing with mental health diagnoses (especially in the US) have with relationships, family, work, and societal disparities, and how many are utilizing holistic options in conjunction with traditional therapy, counseling, and medications.

Whether it is you or someone you know, you may hear something of benefit to you and I encourage you to watch the film. (I saw it on Gaia )




Why bring the Healing Arts to your life?

Life isn’t always easy and our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual states need love and care. Getting back to balance through a variety of modalities can help us achieve a more positive outlook and better state of being.  Explore treatments.