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Levels of Reiki Training at Into the Spirit:

First Degree- Level One Certificate

Usui called this level Shoden (First Teaching)

This level is your introduction and foundation to using the Reiki energy. After this class, you will be able to flow Reiki for yourself and others. At this level, we discuss the basics of Reiki, the history of Reiki, and the treatment protocol for self and others. This level is the foundation of all the other levels. You may practice this level for as long as you like before moving to the second level of training. Some people are content to have only this level of training.

Class fee is $215.00 and includes class materials, follow-up classes and invitations to student Reiki Share events and more.

New in 2023 – The audio recorded version of the Level 1 class will be available June 30th. The audio class covers all the fundamental information on Reiki along with stories for using Reiki, working with animals and Reiki and some basic chakra and Reiki information. You will receive a PDF copy of my Reiki I Manual to go along with this course. You will also have access to the free Live Reiki Share events each month. More details will be up soon on the Audio Course Information Page.


Second Degree – Level Two Certificate

Usui called this level Okuden (Inner Teaching)

The second level expands your technique and awareness of the Reiki energy. All of the theory and practice of level one is still utilized, but you will gain additional tools and information. These tools and information will increase and strengthen the way you practice and perform Reiki.  At this level you may transition from Reiki for Self to Reiki Practitioner. (although we never stop self-treating with Reiki)

Class fee is $320.00 and includes class materials, follow-up classes and invitations to student Reiki Share events and more. Classes are offered in-person and via live and interactive online class times.

New in 2023 – The audio recorded version of my Level 2 class will be available August 31st. The audio class covers the expansion of Reiki into all time and space and how to send Reiki through distance, along with more stories for using Reiki on this level, and guided meditations to support your Reiki journey.

You will receive a PDF copy of my Reiki II Manual to go along with this course. You will also have access to my free Live Reiki Share events each month. More details will be up soon on the Audio Course Information Page.

Third Degree – Level Three/Reiki Master Practitioner Certificate

Usui called this level Shinpiden (Mystery Teaching) 

The third level is for those who feel called to deepen their commitment and relationship to Reiki. It is appropriate for anyone who wants to deepen their own spiritual and personal growth and healing. For many, a desire for this level happens as a “knowing” that they are ready for the next level. This level bridges the gap between those who are prepared to receive the level that incorporates the Master Symbol and those who desire to take further training to become Reiki Master Teachers. This level is a prerequisite for the Certified Reiki Master Teacher level.

I provide an Pre-class Mentorship Packet to help you prepare for this level. You may request this as soon as you feel you are ready for this Level or after you have completed Level 2. The packet requires a $100 deposit which is applied to the cost of this course.

Class fee is $425.00 and includes class materials, follow-up classes, invitations to student Reiki Share events and more. Classes are offered in-person and via live and interactive online class times. The audio version of this class is coming! To learn and understand the course design and Pre-class mentorship program, go here.

Certified Reiki Master Teacher level

If you are interested in furthering your commitment to Reiki and feel called to teach others the lessons and love of Reiki, contact me directly. The RMT level is obtained through a multi-process approach that will bring clarity and confidence to your teaching fundamentals and ability to convey the teachings of Reiki and attune others to Reiki. You will study Reiki intensively and work at your own pace. It may take 6 months – or a few years if that is your comfort zone. I will be your support, teacher and guide through the process. The current cost in 2023 is $1,800.

Karuna® Reiki Level 1  $245

Karuna® Reiki Level 2  $245

Practical Reiki

Immersive Learning Experience.

Learn Reiki by doing Reiki – Monthly Reiki practice sessions for new students. Your very first meet-up opens you to your own Reiki channel.

Every month you are taught the structure and implementation of Reiki by coming together to practice Reiki on one another. You are guided and supported by me, your Reiki Master Teacher, while learning and doing Reiki in real-time.  While we meet, I will share stories and relevant Reiki teachings that help you understand what Reiki is, what it does, how it is evolving to meet our current Earth-energies and needs and how it fits into your spiritual journey and purpose for healing.

We will meet every month for a couple of hours, as long as there is commitment from each of the participants to show up for themselves and one another.

Options for Class payment.  You can decide if you would like to pay $222 up front for lifetime access or $22 per month.  After your 12th payment of $22, you will also gain access to all future Level 1 practical experiences.   Level 1 is offered as in-person experiences only at this time. For online prepayment click here.

Practical Reiki for Level 2 students is available to anyone who has completed Reiki 1, either with me or elsewhere. Reiki Level 2 will also occur in Zoom, as the process of this level is about sending via distance through time and space.

Use the form below to sign up for this Reiki Training Experience and note “Practical Reiki” for which class you want to take so I can reach out to you for scheduling.

Online Reiki Courses are available:

Reiki evolves with us and guides those of us who are Master Teachers in our growth and understanding too. It is because of this that we can teach this ancient spiritual and healing tool while adapting it to the times we are in.

In this digital, virtual, and interconnected world, we are able to learn together, even when we are apart.  I have developed my classes into an audio format that allows you to learn at your own pace and drive your Reiki journey in the way that works best for you,

The best part is that by learning with me, you will not be alone. All of the people who learn Reiki in my classes are invited to be as connected as they would like to be. If you have decided to take a class, you are now part of a beautiful group of Reiki-trained people who gather to explore, share and offer Reiki with one another. Have a question – bring it to Reiki Share! Have a cool story about something that happened during your Reiki session – bring it to Reiki Share!  Just want to feel how it feels to immerse into Reiki and let it flow – come to Reiki Share!

I am also available to answer questions by email while you are learning. And, after you have completed the class, you will have one-on-one time with me via phone if you need and want it.

As more online learners complete the classes, I will begin hosting Reiki Q and A sessions via Google Meet or Zoom.

In the online class, you receive a PDF copy of your Reiki 1 instruction guide, written by me. The course has been created in an mp3 format with each section of your course, easily accessible on the page. There are a variety of handouts that you can use in the course page and you will have access to the links for our monthly online Reiki Shares.

To access the link you will need a password. Checkout options are coming. Email  to purchase the course use the payment link here.

Click here for the Reiki Level 1 course (audio version)

Additional Courses at Into the Spirit – taught by Melissa Carey

Infinity Teachings for Energy Healers and Light Workers

Infinity for Reiki and Energy Healing is a life-altering and spiritual expansion in how we relate to Reiki and other energy work. The framework of utilizing Reiki in the design and fabric of our life and in all aspects of Self is the springboard into this powerful energetic intention. It is about your full expansion and expression of Self and it is about finding the smallest seed of our own existence in the Infinite expression of Reiki.

Infinity of Reiki and Energy Healing allows us to go deeper into the flow than ever before. It allows us to go deeper and deeper into ourselves. It allows us to connect with those we support with Reiki on a deeper level. We can achieve this by using mantras and meaningful phrases, by creating intentions that assist us in diving into the endless all-that-is, and by embodying and integrating the energy of Reiki’s Light and Love into our being.

In this ideas and information sharing level, you will learn how to access a wide array of “symbols” and symbolic energies, ignite your life into a full-presence being, and how Reiki goes Beyond Healing and into Quantum.

Fee: $575.00

Reiki for Animals – Primary Course

Reiki Level 1 or above is required to attend this class. In this primary course, we focus on introductory advice and several key aspects of offering Reiki to animals.

Each class will be different depending on the animals people are working with and questions you may have during our discussions.

We examine:
1. The similarities and differences in offering Reiki to humans and animals
2. A variety of lists with tips, techniques, and suggestions for
a. How to share Reiki with animals
b. Safety protocols
c. What to notice before, during, and beyond the Reiki session.
3. Practical methods and application for giving Reiki.
4. Ideas for other ways to share Reiki and things we can share Reiki for.
5. World and personal views of animals that impact us.
6. Honing your animal listening skills and developing communication through Reiki

The knowledge you gain from this course, combined with practice and patience, will assist you in developing a deeper understanding of how you can bring Reiki to the animals in your life. Learning to give Reiki for animals can also help us be better at giving Reiki to humans. It also helps us get in touch with our own nature if we let it.

Course fee: $175



Reiki for Animals – Advanced Course

In this primary course, we dive deeper into the ways we bring Reiki to animals and specific populations of animals. This course is designed for those who work with animals as a primary career or volunteer effort. Topics such as biology, how our traumas and blocks affect the relationships with our pets and the animals we care for, the healing senses of animals and more will be covered.

Course fee: $230

Inquire about group rates for professionals and organizations who work with animals.