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More about the levels of Reiki Training:

First Degree- Level One Certificate

Usui called this level Shoden (First Teaching)

This level is your introduction and foundation to using the Reiki energy. After this class, you will be able to flow Reiki for yourself and others. At this level, we discuss the basics of Reiki, the history of Reiki, and the treatment protocol for self and others. This level is the foundation of all the other levels. You may practice this level for as long as you like before moving to the second level of training. Some people are content to have only this level of training.


Second Degree – Level Two Certificate

Usui called this level Okuden (Inner Teaching)

The second level expands your technique and awareness of the Reiki energy. All of the theory and practice of level one is still utilized, but you will gain additional tools and information. These tools and information will increase and strengthen the way you practice and perform Reiki.  At this level you may transition from Reiki for Self to Reiki Practitioner. (although we never stop self-treating with Reiki)


Third Degree – Level Three/Reiki Master Practitioner Certificate

Usui called this level Shinpiden (Mystery Teaching) 

The third level is for those who feel called to deepen their commitment and relationship to Reiki. It is appropriate for anyone who wants to deepen their own spiritual and personal growth and healing. For many, a desire for this level happens as a “knowing” that they are ready for the next level. This level bridges the gap between those who are prepared to receive the level that incorporates the Master Symbol and those who desire to take further training to become Reiki Master Teachers. This level is a prerequisite for the Certified Reiki Master Teacher level.