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 Group Healing Energy Sessions Every Month

New for 2023! Group healing experiences are happening at Into The Spirit. Melissa supports our deep work with these energy healing sessions. Each month is focused and rooted in common themes that many of us experience.

Join together with a group of participants devoted to healing specific life themes. You are welcome to join any and all that resonate with you.


Multiple participants gather to anchor in the healing work as a group

When less than 5 RSVP, events may be canceled. Additional groups may be added if needed. RSVP via the contact form below and note the session you plan to attend.

  •  The sessions are 2 ½ hours including 15-minute greet and prep and 15-minute reflection, closing, and goodbyes.
  •  In-Person Healing Groups in Cranberry Twp., PA are available now. These are currently scheduled monthly on the  4th Tuesday from 6:30-8:45 pm.
  •  Joining a group session is only $40 per person.
  •  Each session is limited to 12 people. RSVP early.
  •  Google Meet Online Groups will be held on the 3rd Sunday from Noon-2:30.
  •  Dates may be altered in the future to fit  more schedules.
  •  Private sessions can be scheduled for both in Person or Online via Zoom, Google Meet or FT for family and friends. Please reach out for more info on how to schedule a private session.


The opportunity to be in the flow of healing energies during a group experience  – while each person is focused on the same space of healing – is very powerful. Healing and clarity are multiplied when we come together for a shared purpose.

What happens during the session?

After we greet one another and settle in, Melissa will offer direction  and guidance to begin the group. A space of healing will be created with Reiki and Sunsera energies. At times, you may receive individual Reiki with light touch. Melissa guides the group with breathing exercises, guided meditation, and beautiful healing sounds.

Prior knowledge of energy work, meditation, or breathwork, or participation in previous sessions or other healing modalities, is not necessary. Melissa makes it feel easy and relaxed for everyone, no matter your current experience in this kind of work.


What and when are the Monthly Themes?

  • Love and Compassion – FEBRUARY

Love is more than a buzzword and compassion is a state of mind more than a thing we do. Can clarity and understanding of your triggers, expectations and ideas about Love and Compassion release you from what binds you?

  • Let Go – MARCH (extra session – 19th @4PM)

How much can you let go of? No matter what it is, it is time to let it go! If ever there was a year to explore letting go, 2023 is it. Whatever shadow work, self-improvement, beliefs and ideologies you may be working on, this group supports you to let go, let go again, and then let go some more.

  • Emotion Coping – MARCH

How do anger, frustration and irritation play a role in your life? What about sadness, heartache and anxiety? Do you allow joy and excitement to have their full run of feelings? How might you heal the core of your emotional spaces, listen to the messages of our emotions and soothe the reactivity to those emotions?

  • Safe and Secure – APRIL

Healing can be a challenge if we are always in a state of fight or flight. If the triggers and traumas remove us from feelings of safety and being secure. Maybe we haven’t felt safe or secure in a long time and have adapted our way of being in the world to fit in. What does the feeling of Safe or the idea of Security even mean? How do we connect with and heal that space for ourselves?

  • Mother Wounds – MAY

Can we collectively heal the mother wounds that have pervaded our lifetimes for generations? Where did the separation from Mother begin? Where is the space to be healed? What part of the wound are you in and what healing will support you in seeing it?

  • The Inner Dialogue – JUNE

Is your inner dialogue a constant reminder of stress, self-doubt, self-defeating processes, full of invasive thoughts, removing you from your joy, or just words in your head that other people have said and you can’t let go of? Reiki to the conversations in our mind, how they play out and how to move through them.

  • Relationships and Reactivity – JULY

Are there certain people or situations that have you going over the top or hitting a wall all the time? What spaces of your reactivity can be addressed, calmed, soothed or boosted for your personal empowerment? What triggers can be healed and what healing can come from your triggers?

  • Inner Child – AUGUST

What patterns, triggers, and issues from your childhood are still with you? What stories and beliefs are yours and which ones came from someone else? How can healing the inner child create change for your adult presence.

  • Carrying Baggage – SEPTEMBER

Everything you have packed away in your mind and heart that prevents you from living your full expression is waiting for your permission to leave. What would that feel like? Is it easy? Is it challenging? If you let it go, who are you? The baggage is not you, not your identity. Healing energies are offered to support your place of permission to let the baggage go.

  • Generational and Family Patterns – OCTOBER

What behaviors, choices, illnesses, and expectations have been passed through your family line? Is there something passed on to you that no longer serves you or your family? What and where is the space in You that may heal the wounds and patterns to open new pathways?

  • Let Go Again – NOVEMBER (Special theme of the year session – 19th @4PM)

How much can you let go of? No matter what it is, it is time to let it go! If ever there was a year to explore letting go, 2023 is it. Whatever shadow work, self-improvement, beliefs and ideologies you may be working on, this group supports you to let go, let go again, and then let go some more.

  • Abundance – NOVEMBER

What is it that resists or gets in the way of your abundance? What beliefs have a holding pattern on your own abundance? What can be released? What can be received? What can be nurtured? Each of us has something to share about our abundance. How will it flow through the energy field to increase our awareness, understanding, and acceptance of abundance?

  • Giving and Receiving – DECEMBER Due to holidays and end of year, we will hold this online only on 12/12

Some people are givers, Others are receivers. Much of life is give and take and all is perfect as it is. When it feels in flow, we don’t have to think much about it.
If, however, you feel unsatisfied, nervous, agitated, resistant, or unsure when receiving or offering a service, idea, money, compliment, thought, feeling, or other kind of exchange, there may be a space asking to be healed or attended to. Can you feel a block on either side of the equation? What would it feel like to release attachments or obstacles to the ebb and flow of giving and receiving?

If you need more info, or are wondering which theme or group Reiki session is right for you, feel into the list and see what pops up for you. You are welcome to reach out and ask questions or get more information @

Quick List for Monthly Themes:

  • Love and Compassion FEBRUARY
  • Let Go MARCH
  • Emotion Coping MARCH
  • Safe and Secure APRIL
  • Mother Wounds MAY
  • The Inner Dialogue- JUNE
  • Relationships and Reactivity JULY
  • Inner Child AUGUST
  • Carrying Baggage SEPTEMBER
  • Generational and Family Patterns OCTOBER
  • Let Go Again NOVEMBER
  • Abundance NOVEMBER
  • Giving and Receiving DECEMBER

Special Note:

Let Go in March is the 19th at 4PM.

Let Go Again in Nov. is the 19th at 4PM

If you are joining an Online group, you will receive the Meeting Link once payment is received. Please be sure to include your name and email with payment.


Please note: I am not a licensed therapist or counselor. These sessions focus on the energy of the themes. I invite you to work with your counselor or therapist to support the process of any outcomes or insights from your participation in these groups.

RSVP in the booking form. This is for the in-person sessions on the 3rd Tuesday. Please disregard any other Tuesday options.