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Join a community where you can thrive.

Come into the spirit and find each other. Event dates are shown in the booking calendar. Thanks for your patience as we get all of our new events in the scheduler.

And we know – many of you want to come or join in, but life happens.  My practitioner friends and peers say the same thing.  Everyone tells us they want a place to feel like part of a community or to be with like-minded spirits. Or just to get out and learn something new or be part of something relaxing or social.  And then, we offer these things and attendance doesn’t reflect the amount of people who ask for these types of experiences.

Truly, I do get it.  For some reason it is hard to get out of the house right now. Even I struggle with that. It’s that, oh, that sounds great followed by, ‘ugh, I just can’t to go.”  You want to sign up or go to an event, but then talk yourself out of it, or wait to long to decide. Or “feel too tired” or too busy to do that thing. Or, kids have a practice or stuff that night. Or, or, or.

But, listen.  I can tell you when I choose to go out and be with others – to have that sense of connection and fun and some people to talk a little bit with – I feel. so. much. better. Being together offers a bigger sense of feeling alive.  Not just living, but thriving in and with life. So, whether it is with one of my events or with someone else’s, choose to go. Your present energy and future self will thank you for it.

Check back to this page or event calendar to see what might excite you or bring you joy. Or sign up for the newsletter to get the list of upcoming events every month.

Recurring events:

Monthly Group Workshops     2.5 hours 

These groups are empowering to each participant! We work together with a chosen theme for personal, familial, and collective healing and understanding. During these sessions, there is time for discussion and reflection.  A space of healing, information sharing, and connection to our ancestors and family generations is created with using the Sunsera energies integrated with breathing exercises, guided meditation,  Reiki and other Energy Work to cleanse and clear old patterns.  Prior knowledge of energy work, meditation, or breathwork, or participation in previous sessions or other healing modalities, is not necessary.  For more info visit this page.

  • Ancestral Insight Workshop
    • In-Person: 4th Monday’s from 6:30-8:30 PM – $25
    • Online: 4th Tuesday’s from 7:00-9:00 PM – $20
    • Private booking for workshops also available each month.
  • Generational Reflections Workshop
    • In-Person: 2nd Saturday’s from noon-2:00 –  $25
    • Online:  2nd Tuesday’s from 7:00-9:00 PM – $20
    • Private booking workshops also available each month.


 Sunsera Method Immersion Group Sessions

The Sunsera Method Immersion individual session is being offered as a group experience at the Into The Spirit Studio each month.

This in-person Sunsera Immersion Group Session timing is typically a 3 hour immersive session. This extended session is typically $120 per individual and you can now get the same deep work and attention within the group for $60 per person.

This type of session is a good choice if you are already working with ancestral clearing and healing or other spiritually elevating techniques. It is also great for those who have been in a space of deep personal healing work. Each session is uniquely guided using the specific Sunsera Aspects and energies of the Sunsera Methodology. Sunsera can help you:

  • Expand deeply into your personal work and move into the next level of your spiritual journey.
  • Heal and release personal, family, ancestral, and collective traumas.
  • Reveal understanding of yourself, your relationships, your patterns, and your perceived obstacles.
  • Discover the root of specific events and experiences in your life.
  • Explore your life’s path and moments in a deep and insightful way.
  • Connect with ancestors to receive information that will assist you in releasing old patterns in your family and yourself.

Sound Healing Experiences (In-person Groups)   

These are sometimes offered as sound baths with a theme or purposeful intent. Other times, we’re just hanging out in the flow of sound for the pure enjoyment of it.

I use traditional Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, drums,  and other instruments during a group experience. We incorporate breathwork and imagery in the process during the sound journey. Simple guidance for visualizations and breathing will help to make the most of your experience. You get to be immersed in the healing frequencies of sound and tone to rejuvenate the body, relax the mind, harmonize the heart, and bring us into oneness with our spirit.

Bring your body, mind, and spirit back into rhythm! This is a relaxing and harmonizing treatment modality while connecting with others.  Inquire for a private session with a group of friends or check back for the next sound healing group experience. These sessions are typically $20-25 per person.  Private group rate for up to 15 people available.

Around the Campfire

Once upon a time…

we passed down wisdom from the elders, celebrated together as community, and (re)connected ourselves to nature and each other – around the campfire. Stories and memories and meanings shared in these spaces allowed us to reflect back as we moved forward. The Campfire was a powerful place, full of intention and guidance.

And so, we now gather to create our own campfire – where we can share wisdom, tools, and stories. A warm light to guide our path, our questions and our curiosity.  A space of dialogue to honor our connection to each other. A way to be with others who have the same desire to explore Living.

This fire is lit to connect to embolden our learning and to motivate us.. A fire that lights the way between the spaces of awareness and consciousness. A way to stoke the embers and see the choices in our lives through language, discussion, observation, feeling, and flow.

What will it be like around the campfire together?

Image of a campfire buring. Are you looking for a community of people who like to talk about spiritual ideas and concepts?

Imagine that we can gather together again and create a campfire ceremony for our times. We can use themes and topics, develop a ritual of our own and allow guidance and information to come to us. We could bring the information of the stars, seasons, energetic pathways, and more into the space. We can build upon the skills and knowledge we each have by bringing it together in purpose. We can invite the energy of the fire to inspire us and uncover mysteries, navigate collective meaning, find our joys and, most of all, to be connected.

The focus for each Fire will be invited from the group of participants in advance. You are welcome to email a question or topic prior to us lighting the fire each month. If there are no suggestions, Melissa will take lead to provide our direction, stories and facilitation throughout the event. Our aim will be to engage our conscious minds and hearts in whatever way we feel guided during our time together.

Each of us comes with gifts, ideas, wisdom, and skills that are meant to be shared. Many of us may be able to reunite the wisdom of the elders and ancestors and layer the wisdom we have gained as the next elders and ancestors. This is our space to create with who we are and all we have to offer. Maybe you will come to simply listen and take it all in. Perhaps you will come with insights, stories, music, poems, art, traditions, questions, and thoughts to share.

How and when will me meet?

We will meet and form our Campfire Community using Zoom for a 1.5 – 2 hour Campfire Ceremony. As the community grows, we can offer more times to meet. We will also meet in person in Cranberry Township, PA, once per quarter. These dates will appear on the Events Calendar beginning in February 2023.

How much is it?

Around The Campfire is here for us to explore together. I am happy to offer and hold a space for us to be, play and work together. You are welcome to join in for free. If you are able to make a donation, it will assist in offsetting fees and honoring Melissa’s time for dedicating both a digital and physical space for us to meet. Donations can be made via or at the bottom of the website homepage

Around The Campfire Notes:

  1. Each of us holds a key to the Story of Us. If you would like to take the lead in any of the discussions, it is appreciated if you email me a little about what you would like to share before our scheduled time.
  2. Honoring the space and conversations asks us to be present with each other –  without distractions or interruptions and refraining from distracting or interrupting others in the group.
  3. All perspectives and opinions and beliefs are true and valid to the speaker, even if they are not aligned with yours. Be respectful towards each other.
  4. We are both honoring the past, which may present cultural differences at times and walking in honor of our present, in which the same might occur. Let’s be open and mindful in our explorations.
  5. Bring a sense of curiosity and imagination and your ember to add to the fire.
  6. Allow an openness to be within you so that you engage fully in the wisdom there for each of us.

Sunsera Nights: A Journey to the Soul…

Sunsera Nights are a deeply insightful, meaningful, and elevating experience.

Joining together as a group, Sunsera Nights allow each of us to have an individual experience simultaneously occurring within the group of fellow Sunsera Travelers. While it is a group experience, everyone honors the space of the others. It is your choice how much or little you want and need to interact.

The higher vibration of the Sunsera Field allows it to be easy to drop into deep or expansive meditation, dream-states, or contemplation to receive personal, family, and ancestral insights and opportunities for wisdom and clarity.

  • Sunsera Nights are available to both seasoned Sunsera Travelers and for those new to the Sunsera Method. Experiences are shaped to meet the participants where they are.
  • These group experiences are held for 5 hours with an option for overnight stays. Two-day experiences are also available to help you expand on the work from the day before.
  • Sunsera Nights are held often in the Pittsburgh Area if you would like to join us for this beautiful and enlightening experience.
  • Sunsera Nights can also be booked in your home or business location as a Sunsera Night package for any amount of participants that you can accommodate. Gather your spiritual tribe and embark on a Journey to the Soul with Sunsera.
  • The donation structure is a suggested minimum donation of $120 per person. Sliding scale donations are accepted- Sunsera is available for all who want it.


Have you been craving a place to get together and explore our Purpose and Path? Somewhere to share in spiritual exploration and expansion? Join us for a wonderful experience of community, connection, and Sunsera guidance along with the beautiful sound healing.

Connect to your Spirit and connect with others who want a sense of fellowship and togetherness. Suggested donation is $20 per person – sliding scale in effect, no questions asked. Feel free to share this event with your friends and family. Space is available to the first 20 people who RSVP. A variety of seating is available – bring a mat, cushion, stadium or meditation seat if you wish.


This group experience takes the participants directly into the flow of Sunsera. This consciousness raising experience guides you to awareness of your personal and spiritual work. Sometimes a theme flows in for us to work on, other times we flow into the Sunsera Map for individual work.
The experience supports those who want to intentionally learn, grow, and engage in the Sunsera energies and aspects. It is also a helpful space between your participation in Sunsera sessions and Sunsera Nights to anchor in new understanding and to continue to connect the dots of information that arrive for you or as an introduction to the experience of Sunsera.

No prior Sunsera work is necessary to participate. As one new participant of the SGE stated: “I don’t know where we went, but it was like being on a journey.” Sunsera group experiences occur both in person and online.  Cost is $75.00 per person. This is an RSVP event. All are welcome.


This is our space to extend our work and play with and in the Sunsera Field. Feel free to come with questions or experiences to share with each other.  This is one more way to dive into the Sunsera space with me, to bring the information into our physical reality, and to connect the dots.

For those of you who are new to the Sunsera work,  you may remember, I told you that the effects of a single Sunsera session continues to work in your life long after your session. This group time can support your processing and integrating or offer more direction if you need it. I believe we can support each other by sharing our Sunsera experiences. This is a free event on Zoom for all prior Sunsera participants.

Special Events:

Put It To Rest

Sometimes we just need a minute to ourselves. Or somewhere to go that isn’t our four walls.  A bit of respite in the midst of the chaos.  A place to unwind.  This is a unique opportunity to do nothing. On purpose.

Come anytime for any amount of time during this event and take a break from the world around you.  Rest, relax, meditate, or sleep in a safe space with soft lighting and light music. Tell ’em whatever you need to and get some time for yourself. Donations appreciated.

If you are joining an Online group, you should receive the Meeting Link once you have successfully RSVP’d. If you do not, please email info.intothespirit@gmail so we can send you the link. Be sure to include your name, date you are confirming for, and your email.  Please have your card available for checkout during your booking. Payment is non-refundable but can be applied to a future group session if you are unable to attend.


Please note: I am not a licensed therapist or counselor. These sessions focus on the energy of the themes. I invite you to work with your counselor or therapist to support the process of any outcomes or insights from your participation in these groups.