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Schedule Your Experience with Into The Spirit Now

For those who are close to Cranberry Township, you are welcome to schedule your in-person appointment at the Into the Spirit Healing Arts Studio, located at 9103-B Marshall Road.

For those who need virtual sessions, join the hundreds of others who have experienced the empowerment of  personal transformation through video and phone sessions.

Current Services:

All Experiences with the exception of sound healing may be scheduled  both in-person or virtually.

Multi-Modality Immersion Experience (Regular)  90 minutes: $85

An full experience of energy healing, aligning, and balancing. Includes Reiki and Energy Work, The Sunsera Method, Guided Meditation, Sound Healing, PEMF therapy,  Spiritual or Life Path Guidance.  Note: Virtual sessions may not include Sound Healing depending on the connection.

Multi-Modality Immersion Experience   (Extended)  2.5 hours: $120   *most popular

An extended experience of energy healing and balancing experience. Includes Reiki and Energy Work, The Sunsera Method, Guided Meditation, Sound Healing, PEMF therapy, Spiritual or Life Path Guidance.  Great for people who just love the experience or who have a lot going on that they want to work on.  Note: Virtual sessions may not include Sound Healing depending on the connection.

Energy and Chakra Balancing     1 hour: $65

In this session, you will experience Energy Work and Sound Healing as we  focus on your Chakra and Energy points to bring you back to flow and feel your chi.

Meditation and Relaxation Experience (Regular)   1 hour:  $55

Enjoy a thoughtful and calming experience using carefully curated music and live sound. Your guided meditative experience will be unique to your session. Allow the body and mind to unwind through the sensations of deep and harmonious physical and mental stress release!

Sound Healing Experience (Regular)  (In-person only) 60 minutes:  $65

We use traditional and crystal singing bowls, tuning forks and drums. Sound healing is a great way to get your body, mind, and spirit back into rhythm! Immerse yourself in this relaxing and harmonizing treatment modality.

Sound Therapy – Focused (In-person only) package of 3 sessions for 30 minutes each:  $90

This series of sessions uses tuning fork to address particular issues. This should be chosen when you have specific problem areas, including pain in any areas, joint issues, headaches of all types, spasms, inflammation,  acute illness – including blisters and cold sores, sore throats, colds and flu, ear aches, sinus issues, infections, bruises, blood blisters – and more.

Sound Healing Experience (In-person Group)   60 minutes:  $20

We use traditional and crystal singing bowls, tuning forks and drums during a group experience, Gather with a group and get your body, mind, and spirit back into rhythm! Immerse yourself. This is a relaxing and harmonizing treatment modality while connecting with others.  Bring a group of friends or check back for the next sound healing group experience.

Sound Healing Experience (Private Group or Public Event)    Price varies. Contact for info.

We use traditional and crystal singing bowls, tuning forks and drums  during a group experience to get your body, mind, and spirit back into rhythm! Immerse yourself in this relaxing and harmonizing treatment modality while connecting with others. Length of session can be discussed to suit your needs.

Rejuvenate and Recharge Experience (Regular)        90 minutes: $85

  • Begin with a 15 minute sound bath to calm the senses and prepare the body for deep relaxation.
  • We will then begin a series of breathwork experiences to increase awareness and presence.
  • Next comes a chakra and energy center tune up and alignment.
  • After that, enjoy being guided into relaxation with meditative cues and suggestions of imagery and imagination to optimize the body and mind for release.
  • As we prepare for your complete cycle of rejuvenation, we will work on a cellular level with elements of crystal energy, copper energy, earth frequency and astrological energies to recharge your whole being and activate any new structures and flow patterns for your benefit.
  • You will have 15 minutes of quiet time to bask in this space of renewal as you prepare to go on with your day.

Rejuvenate and Recharge Experience (Extended)         2 hours: $105

All the elements and activations of the regular R&R Experience above, with an additional 10 minutes of sound bath and additional techniques as appropriate PLUS extra quiet time at the end.

The Sunsera Method Integrated Modality Experience  (Regular) 90 minutes: $85

This is a Sunsera-focused session that foremost utilizes the energies within higher vibrational planes to work together with participants to co-create accurate insight, understanding, and healing for your personal, ancestral, family, and collective struggles, issues, or obstacles. The integrated experience also includes elements of Reiki and Energy Work, Guided Sunsera Meditations, Sound Healing, and PEMF therapy to regulate your system to the higher frequencies and vibrations bringing healing and direct access to the Sunsera Energy Field.

The Sunsera Method Full Immersion Experience  (Extended)   2.5 hours: $120

In this experience you are guided in an engaging and transformative session for personal, spiritual, and divine growth and development from a beautiful framework of personal energetics for any healing, clarity, ancestral work and wisdom that aligns for you at this moment. Using the Aspects and energies of Sunsera and guided Sunsera Meditations you heal within, from, and for the mind, body, spirit, heart, soul and your higher consciousness.

Sunsera/Energy Work Micro-Intention Sessions   40 minutes: $35

In this experience we target and focus on the issue at hand and direct attention and intention into the space that needs acknowledged, understood or healed. This is a great option when those random things and triggers come up during the week or a problem area shows up again and again and you aren’t sure what to do with it. The session gives you insight and clarity along with any healing, relief, or release that is ready to be revealed.

Oracle/Tarot Guided Healing Session     40 minutes: $35

This session uses oracle or tarot decks to find and focus on the situation, space, or wound that is calling to be healed at this time. Be guided with the language of the cards for deeper understanding, awareness, and clarity for the core area of healing, releasing, or embracing. This may be the jumpstart you need to flow into the next phase of things to come for you.  A guided oracle healing session may help you shift your future, but it is more about the present and what is needed right now for your exploration and growth.

Oracle/Tarot Guided Healing Session with Energy Rebalance     60 minutes: $65

Receive the Oracle guided healing session, followed by a 20-minute Energy Work session with sound healing to realign and recalibrate your energy flow with the understanding gained during the card reading.

Spiritual or Life Path Navigation and Mentorship  (Regular)  2 hours: $95

Experience access to proven tools and techniques, activities and exercises, recoverable insights and relatable wisdom that encourage your sense of direction and self-discovery in a calming and supportive environment.  You are actively engaged in the experience with a knowledgeable and trained guide who will listen, support, redirect, inform, and guide you to discover the topics, themes, and meanings of your questions, struggles and insights.

Spiritual or Life Path Navigation and Mentorship  (Extended)  3 hours: $125

Experience all that a Regular Guidance and Mentorship experience brings with the addition of integrated Energy Work and Meditation to cleanse and clear any energies that are blocking your path or have been waiting to release.

The Sunsera Method Group Experience     3 hours: 75.00

This group experience takes the participants into the flow of Sunsera. Learn how to shift realities and become your multi-dimensional self. This consciousness raising experience guides you to awareness of your personal and spiritual work.

Monthly Group Healing Sessions      2.5 hours $40

These groups are empowering to each participant! We work together with a chosen theme for personal, familial, and collective healing and understanding. During these sessions, there is time for discussion and reflection.  A space of healing is created with using the Sunsera energies and Aspects, integrated with breathing exercises, guided meditation, beautiful healing sounds, Reiki and other Energy Work to cleanse and clear old patterns and scars.  Prior knowledge of energy work, meditation, or breathwork, or participation in previous sessions or other healing modalities, is not necessary.

In-person Group Healing Experiences:   Recurring Themes with Ancestral Connections 4th Monday’s from 6:30-8:30 PM $40
Online Group Healing Experiences:  Recurring Themes – 4th Tuesday’s from 7:00-9:00 PM $25

New in 2024, join us for a 2nd monthly theme group each month specifically designated to work on ancestral themes and ancestral healing. Learn more on the healing groups page.

Online Group Healing Experiences: Ancestral Connection – 2nd Monday’s from 7:00-9:00 PM $25


If you are not sure what to book for your first session, I suggest choosing the multi-modality immersion experience for in either a regular length or extended session. We can take it from there after we meet.