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What Can We Do Together?

Book Melissa for your events!

I am so grateful for the outpouring of interest in my work and the kind words that describe my Being. I am happy to share and spread positivity, healing and holistic guidance, and spiritual and energetic tools for personal transformation. Read more about booking Melissa for Your Events.

How can I best serve you?

The following is a sample of the work that I do and what you might be interested in booking for events. You can book me for Sunsera Experiences, Sound Healing, Meditations, and Spiritual Guidance sessions.

Sound Healing Sessions with melodic and percussion instruments including singing bowls, drums, chimes, and more.

These beautiful sound healing experiences with Melissa using her background as a Music Therapist are very popular sessions and can be booked for your private or group event. I am able to travel to your event with my instruments.


    • I usually offer guided meditation in combination with sound baths. You can book yours with or without.
    • Is your group currently in, or going to be in, the Pittsburgh area? You can book your session at my studio.
    • Base rate plus mileage fee when booked in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.
    • Flat rate plus travel fee for bookings outside the Greater Pittsburgh area.
    • Sound Experiences can be timed to meet your needs.

Spiritual Guidance Talks and Workshops

Anyone who has the opportunity to be present with Melissa’s gentle guidance and spiritual depth recognize and value the empowerment of her tools and language. These uplifting, transformative engagements are super-insightful and can be booked for your groups, consciousness-expanding and enlightenment events, and spiritual community-building opportunities.

      • Great information for those working on personal and spiritual development.
      • Group rates and per-person event rates available.
      • Ask about workshops to develop personal energy habits, mindfulness, meditation practices and more.
      • Depending on your needs and focus, these can be either interactive audience Q and A’s or presentation style guidance.

 Groups for Personal Transformation

The Sunsera Method of Personal Transformation is here to assist  us as we Shift into higher levels of existence. Melissa received this modality in a spiritual download of information and healing and has developed and created the experience for this with participant interaction, engagement, input, and feedback.

The individuals who have experienced Sunsera sessions and groups that have formed around this work love the continuing support and integrative Sunsera events.

The community of participants who work with Sunsera in their daily lives are astounded by the transformative nature of this deep, personal work. We receive feedback all the time that “being in the Sunsera energies is like going on a journey” or “being in a deep and transcendental meditation experience,” with complete ease and effectiveness.

Book this amazing consciousness-shifting experience in many ways:

Featured Event Guest, Guest Panelist, or Headliner:

  • Bring the information and experience of Sunsera to your large-scale event such as healer fairs; mind-body-spirit expo’s; consciousness discussions and panels;  spiritual, healing and wellness retreats; and any large gathering groups working on ancestral access, healing and clearing.
  • Call or email  for more info or to book Melissa for your upcoming event.

Private Sunsera Guidance Sessions:

  • Bring the wisdom, guidance,  and healing of Sunsera to you and your clients, friends, family or preplanned community events. Sessions can be as short as 2 hours or up to 4 hours.
  • Call or email to schedule. Travel rates and minimum attendance and participant exchange upon request.

Healer’s Map to Sunsera:

  • Are you working in the spiritual, cosmic and/or energy fields with clients? I am here to walk the path of sharing the knowledge contained within Sunsera. There is no more gatekeeping.  We learn by doing for ourselves first. Then we share what we have integrated in the ways that make sense for us.
  • Feel the energy and guidance of Sunsera in a one-day or full weekend of interactive and experiential Sunsera exploration.
  • Bring what you receive during your participation in the work and play of Sunsera into your own life and path. From there you will naturally  integrate it into the work you are already doing for others.
  • Designed as a Healer’s retreat or workshop. If you have the location, space and people to attend, I provide the template and schedule of offerings to create this opportunity. More info upon request.

Sunsera Immersions:

For this group session, I will guide and support the group participant’s immersion into the Sunsera Energy Field during a 1.5 to 2 hour transformative experience. Using sound healing, meditation, breathwork and Sunsera’s aspects, meditations, and energies to guide the group. Each immersion has been created to support a variety of monthly themes and topics for personal and collective healing, clarity, understanding, wisdom from ancestral beings, clarifying patterns and traumas, and more. You and I can work together to choose the theme or you can allow me to feel into the topic or idea that comes into focus for the group.

Sunsera Nights:

  • Sunsera Nights are available to both seasoned Sunsera Travelers and for those new to the Sunsera Method. Experiences are shaped to meet the participants where they are.
  • Sunsera Nights are held often in the Pittsburgh Area if you would like to join us for this beautiful and enlightening experience.
  • Sunsera Nights can currently be booked for anywhere in the US.
  • Sunsera Nights can also be booked in your home or business location as a Sunsera Night package for any number of participants you can accomodate. Gather your spiritual tribe and embark on a Journey to the Soul with Sunsera.
  • Sunsera integration with Melissa on the following morning and/or virtual monthly integration is part of your Sunsera Night package. Call or email for details.

For more info on The Sunsera Method, visit this page.

Contact Melissa to book Sound Baths, Spiritual Guidance and Sunsera for private and public events:
      • 724-777-9969