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Reimagining the Reiki Precepts

The longer I have practiced Reiki, taught Reiki, and brought Reiki into all aspects of my life, I have pondered the Reiki Precepts that we pass on. Often, they just don’t sit well with me.

So, I reimagined them during a recent Reiki Share while in the Reiki Flow and I’m sharing them now for anyone who feels this resonates with them.

Inviting the Flow of Essence

For the Knowing of our Wholeness
and the unbridled Joy in living and breathing our essential task
the pivotal role of becoming our fullest Essence in harmony with one another
as we reach the depth of our Souls…

In This Moment

I share in joyful things

I become my fullest essence

I experience feelings and emotions with ease and grace

I manifest all that benefits myself and others

I choose wisely and with awareness


Your invitation for Reimagining the Reiki Precepts

I spent time feeling and listening into the story of the precepts. At the place and time that they were created, these precepts were exactly what was needed. They guided in ways that were useful and of benefit to those who brought them to their life. They brought benefit to my life as well for a long time.

As we flow into a new time and space, in our own cultures and cosmologies, social chaos and contemplations, regions and realities, the invitation is here to guide our Life Energy with reimagined Reiki precepts into this next evolution. Be silent and still and trust the energy to guide your impressions and language for these. Use or borrow from the ones I have shared from my time in Reiki exploration.  Namaste.

If this is enough for you and you feel complete, stop here.  If you want to hear more about my reimagining the precepts, read on.

The stories behind Reimagined Reiki Precepts    (or Reiki Principles or Reiki Guidance, if you prefer)

I remember being a worrier for most of my life and how much the contemplation of the idea of “just for today, do not worry” helped  me. I bring the idea of new language for  Reiki Precepts from a humble space.

I am now curious, why just focus on worry? Everyone has their own patterns, stories and loops. Maybe worry isn’t your issue, but something else is. In the filter that houses worry, could it be that our sense of clarity and understanding, wisdom and direction begins to flourish with the idea that we can choose wisely and with awareness.

Feel no anger

Why is it only anger should we not feel? Is there really a reason to not feel anger,  but allow the other emotions to run their course? For a long time, we have internalized our anger, and look where that has gotten us.

Reiki has no rules, but then we get the invitation to not feel this certain emotion or have this specific concern.

In my life and my personal view, I believe we can learn to be with each and all of our emotions in the best ways possible and navigate them in easier ways. Easy embracement of happiness and sadness, easy flow through pain or suffering? Grace in letting go of  reactionary emotion or trauma emotions, easy acceptance of love and joy?  Yes, please. Whatever we most need in this moment.

Treat others with kindness

And then, whose definition of kindness are we using when we say “treat others with kindness?” There are a lot of ways to frame what is kind.

I recall being asked to feel into the precepts and add one that was just for me when I was learning Reiki. The one thing I knew right away that needed to be addressed in my own life was to “treat others AND MYSELF with kindness” and that is the addition I originally made to my precepts.

Back then, I was very good and being kind, thoughtful, and generous to others. But, terrible at finding kindness for myself. I also maintain the theory that we are given our social cues of kindness depending on where and how we grow up.  I think that, sometimes, the way we are trained in showing and expressing our ‘kindness’ is not necessarily kind at all.

From this reflection,  the choice that I care for me and manifest what is needed in my soul and my reality first. Doing this in ways that value Self and that does not harm others. We then are able to manifest for others and the collective that are best for Self and All.

Share Gratitude

Even the idea of showing gratitude can be misconstrued.  It, at times, suggests a sense of lack to me. That we are lacking in something, so we must find something or someone to be grateful for. Unless and until you find that deep sense of gratitude for yourself.  And, yes, I know that Reiki brings us what we need and we are able to see, heal and know what parts of our gratitude could use a little Reiki boost.

What we are thankful for and how we are conditioned to feel or express our gratitude is an interesting study for me.  The thought of finding the little things to be grateful for can be hard when you are surrounded by a lot of misery or challenging situations. There are also those who become so grateful for everything only to become complacent in the desire and ability to motivate change. Gratitude can also be such a fleeting thought.

I sat in a thoughtful space and imagined what gratitude actually feels like when it’s real. Joyfulness is what came in. The more joy in our life, the more we are internally grateful for. The more we are acknowledging the feeling of gratitude by the expression of our Being.  Discovering our joys is a feeling we can cultivate. My feeling on this is about the feeling. Gratitude can be forgotten, but Joy helps us remember what feels good and right to us.

Be diligent in all undertakings/Do your work diligently

In our recent era of work hard-play hard, no pain-no-gain, ‘nothing easy is worth doing’ environment brings its own challenges. The precept that suggests we do our work and our undertakings diligently lends the idea that work and focus is of value, but play is not.  Maybe it is not exactly what the precept was meant to say, but somehow we have placed it there as both a personal and social phenomenon.

We are reevaluating what it means to be human – and our ideas of “work” and what we are here for are changing. Is work/focus/attention the end of it? The beginning? How are our undertakings and work determined, for what,  and by whom?

And then my answer came. It is my best and most fulfilling ‘work’ to be all that I am in the moment. Whether that be at my work, in my play, during my meditations, for my relationships, in my silence and stillness, or in each of my experiences. When we are showing up as our fullest essence and soul, then whatever we are doing, being, and expressing is diligent, honest, and perfect in the moment.

A gift from Reiki

Reiki evolves with us and for us. In quiet contemplation, bathed in the flow of Reiki, these Reiki principles shared themselves with me. I did not have to think long and hard. I simply needed to be with Reiki to hear these words.

Love, from my essence to yours. Melissa.

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