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Expand and Nurture your Spiritual Journey at Into The Spirit

Look forward to your growth, learning and ever-expanding self-care opportunities in 2022.  Things are not always as they seem.  I am here to support you in finding YOU and the tools, practices, and activities that support your internal wisdom.

Feel into the following list and see what calls to you.

  • Is it the self-care and healing of learning Reiki?
  • Are you curious about learning how to meditate or expanding and evolving your meditation practice?
  • Does being bathed in beautiful sound and vibration call to you?
  • Would you like to learn Reiki specifically for your animal friends?

These tools can nurture your path and expand your spiritual journey. The following list contains some of the upcoming event, class and workshop dates at Into The Spirit. I teach both online and in-person classes.  More classes are added as needed.

There are many others who are sharing a lot of this wonderful work. You may have been looking for a sign or sense of where you should be and when it would happen.  Why learn with me? Because if you are here reading this, something brought you here. This is our time. It is THE time to bring yourself onto the path you are meant to be. There is no time like this time to take your next step.


Check out more info on Reiki here and more about meditation here.

Check the dates on the events calendar for more info and to rsvp.


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