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A Reflection on Mother Energy

For Mother’s Day and every day – and invitation to Everyone to nurture their mothering energies.

As we gather in the Collective Consciousness and focus our attention to motherhood, I invite you to ponder the Infinite spiral of creation.

Birth and rebirth.

Renewal and new opportunities.

Meditate, observe, contemplate, or simply feel into the beliefs that shape, define, and envelop the patterns of Mother. Bring our awareness and energy into intentional focus and healing, so that what is being created now is exactly what is needed, what is released is no longer needed, and what is defined and redefined is Divine.

Ask your Self, is it possible that Mother is an energy in all of us, male or female, parent or not, young or experienced?

Think of this energy as a space to be seeded, cultivated, nourished, grown and to flow in and from your being’s Essence.