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Anchor in with Upcoming Classes and Workshops

 January and February 2022 at Into The Spirit

The energies are intense and yet we are shifting well together, loved ones.  If you are feeling called to root in what you are receiving and internalize the depth of this Life Experience, the Into the Spirit community and myself are here to support you.

This year has yielded  a message about learning to feel. Lessons and situations to guide us to really Feel – within our body, mind, heart, spirit and entire being – and to know from what we are feeling will be important in our personal and collective development.

The upcoming classes and workshops are here to assist you in integrating the knowledge and collective movement that is happening. You are loved. You belong, You are welcome here. Your skills and talents are needed.

Some classes will be held in person in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania. Other classes, including Reiki are offered both in person and online -with live instruction. These classes and workshops are shared with a commitment to connecting you within the community. We know we are not alone now.

Classes with a specific fee are noted.  Services that are donation-based are completely at your discretion and ability to offer. Information about these classes and workshops are being updated for 2022 and can be found here.

Every month, there are even more ways to connect:

  • Voice the depth of your being with the online discussion group – Conversations in Consciousness
  • Learn tools to support your personal evolution with Tools for Transformation
  • Share the healing and elevation that Reiki brings to us during Reiki Share, Chat with others who share the Love of Reiki

Please RSVP for classes and workshops by emailing or visiting the events page.

Love, Light, and Blessings,


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