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Connect to your healing potential.




Staying at home and distancing for safety doesn’t mean we have to sit idly by. There is something you can do. Connect to your own healing potential with the energy healing of Reiki. Give your mind and heart something wonderful to discover this month and bring the beautiful healing of Reiki to your life today.

Classes will connect our class group using the Zoom conferencing platform, in real time. I email class materials prior to the class start date and mailed physical copies can be sent to you if I am given enough notice. Or, it can be sent out after the class so that you have a physical copy to refer to as you practice Reiki.  You will need to register for a free Zoom account. Payment plans for either Reiki Class are always available and friends and/or families can request a group rate. Register ahead of the class date to receive the class password and class materials.

Why learn Reiki now?

The healing energy and love that Reiki delivers to soothe fears, anxiety, and stress is powerful.  Reiki can increase your body’s healing potential and immune support. Learning how to work with this wonderful healing tool and technique can benefit your current environment and experiences. If you have not heard of Reiki or never thought to take a class for yourself, those that do typically find that they experience a heightened sense of peace, resilience, healing and gratitude in having a tool that can assist them whenever they need.

Have you  already taken Level 1? Are you ready to continue your Reiki Journey? There is seriously no better time than the present, is there? This level teaches sending Reiki at a distance and not needing to be physically present in order to give or receive Reiki. You will learn how to connect to and flow the healing energies in even bigger and wider ways.

Interested in learning both levels over this weekend? Please call or email me to connect and discuss more.

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