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Classes, sessions, and groups are postponed at Into the Spirit through March 31st

With developments around COVID-19, I have decided to postpone all classes, groups and sessions at Into the Spirit until at least March 31st. In this time of uncertainty, I choose to limit the potential for exposure from one session to the next and to-and-from others who visit the office. My reasons and opinions are of no matter, only the action I am taking – and providing information and updates on the physical location closure to each of you wonderful, amazing clients and students. Namaste.

I am currently investigating creating other options for the scheduled classes, such as using digital platforms to deliver content directly, in real time, as if we were in class together. I will decide more on this once I speak to those of you who are scheduled or planning for the Reiki 1. Reiki 2 or Intermediate Meditation Class.

I invite April’s Reiki Share group to connect in spirit now and throughout the coming weeks to offer our combined energetic love, healing, peace, and grace to the situation and the planet.

The beauty of Reiki is that we do not need to be in physical proximity to provide Reiki or to give a Reiki session. In order to meet my clients needs, I will provide distance Reiki to whomever requests or desires it. For those who are not familiar with Reiki, we call this distant or distance Reiki or Distance healing. My current distance clients can attest to the positive feeling and benefits of receiving Reiki this way.

From today and for the remainder of March, I will begin to offer Distance Reiki and/or Meditation sessions at no cost to anyone – whether you are a current client or complete stranger.

I truly, fully believe in the healing nature of Reiki. It is the way I can be of service at this time.

The energy work can help us, particularly with the ways that practitioners and clients have seen Reiki boost immunity and create balance for healing in the immune system. Reiki is also a great tool for relaxation and bringing an ease to anxiety and stress. Whatever your needs or reasons, I offer myself to the service of others now with a sense of calm and community.

Here are some things to know if you want a session:

  • Very often I do these sessions over the phone while the person sits or lies down in a quiet place. We create a space of healing and communication(either during or before/after the session.
  • Phone sessions, in general, will last about a half-hour, sometimes longer.
  • You can also receive Reiki from me without a phone call or talking at all.
    • Just use the contact form or my email ( to send me your name, email (only if you would like a follow-up email in the day or days following the session), and a time of day that you might able to take a break for a session (or you could simply choose your bedtime or wake time).
    • I will then add you to my list and send Reiki to you.
  • Please call or reach out to me with any questions.

In Light and Love,


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