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What are you doing to create the reality you want to see?


We often think of some of our circumstances as beyond our control. Especially the negative ones or the ones that “other people” are doing to us. But, after years of healing myself and gaining wisdom from the valuable teachings and support of others, I can firmly attest that we create every moment of our reality.

If you are not invested in your own growth and development, if you are not an active participant in your own life, then you are creating your own “accidental” reality.  The photo above is from our kitchen white board and it is a reminder to me and to my family that there really are no “accidents” and that you have a choice in each moment to purposefully direct and create the circumstances of your life.  Even your reactions and feelings about other people you deal with are part of your reality. Changing those reactions can create a softer and calmer reality for you. And that can change a lot about your life.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by this post or by the situations in your life, maybe it is time to try something new.  Read a book on mindfulness or purposeful living.  Join a meditation group or seek counseling to help with your stuck patterns. Try Reiki or another holistic treatment option that can help you get on the road to healing and figure it out.  By all means, find something positive right now that will help you experience how to take an active role, or change the existing roles you have created, in your life.

It isn’t easy, especially if you have no idea where to start. Lots of things get in our way and we think it is out of our control – but many times we have been conditioned by experience or social constructs to act or think in a certain way. It is possible to remove those non-beneficial thought processes. The best advice I can give is to just do something.  Don’t wait, don’t deliberate.  One small step will set up the next step and then the next. You don’t have to figure it out all in one moment. Begin by living deeply in the moment you are in – not in yesterday’s moments or tomorrow’s yet-to-come moments.

I invite you to come into the spirit of healing and meet with me for a Reiki session or guided meditation.  This is your time.  Create it on purpose.

~Love and Light,


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