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In Harmony, PA: Wedn-Sun, Distance or Home Sessions: by request

Are you searching for spiritual guidance?

Compass work is simply my term for those who are working on their path of spiritual and personal healing.  At one time or another, many of us feel called to do higher level work or feel we are being called to do “something” more and look for someone to guide, mentor or counsel us. I believe all the answers are already inside of us and we only need a little direction or someone to help guide the way.  I am honored to play a role in your life’s journey and to be of service to your path.

You may have heard terms like spiritual counseling, spiritual coaching, life coach, etc. describing people who assist others to navigate choices and open to their full potential.  You may think of me in any way that resonates with you. I view myself as the compass- showing you the direction you are currently heading and using wisdom, compassion, intuition and connection to allow you to steer yourself to what is right for you along the path.

These one on one sessions, either held in the office or via phone or video conferencing offer you a way to talk about and work through what is holding you back, keeping you stuck, or stalling the pace. Or maybe you know exactly where your life path is going and want extra development tools or insight.

It’s a time of great reflection and change for many people. Spiritual growth is happening at accelerated rates and many people seek additional knowledge and understanding to help guide the way. For some, navigating your path may seem to be filled with obstacles or setbacks – even though your are trying your best to heal, change, grow, or become part of something greater.

Let’s journey together and I will guide you through a process of spiritual coaching that brings focus, clarity, harmony and balance to your life. You decide how long and how often you would like to meet and we will tailor your path together.