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Are you searching for spiritual guidance?

It is not unusual to feel uncertain about events in our life and wondering if our choices are the right ones.

At one time or another, many people feel called take stock of their life or to go deeply inward for their own soul’s work. Sometimes this shows up in painful ways and other times, we feel we are being called to do “something” more and have no idea where to even start.

We may find ourselves reading and watching movies, social videos and other spiritual explorers to help us figure things out. Then, many people begin to look for someone to guide, mentor, or counsel them.

I believe all the answers are already inside of us and we only need to find our sense of direction, get assistance in removing stuck patterns and old systems of being, or enlist someone to help guide the way.

Do you feel out of sync with your path?

It’s a time of great reflection and change for many people. Spiritual growth is happening at accelerated rates and many, many people seek additional knowledge and understanding to help guide the way. For some, navigating your path may seem to be filled with obstacles or setbacks – even though your are trying your best to heal, change, grow, or become part of something greater, like finding yourself and where you fit in.

Feeling isolated or alone in our journey, each of us can get stuck thinking we are not enough or back down from the choices we want to make as soon as someone makes us feel less than worthy.  That kind of separation simply keeps us out of sync with our own path and constantly looping into another version of the same, same, same things that hold us back, instead of moving forward with certainty and a full sense of one’s self.

We’ve all been there – even the guru’s and “enlightened” bestselling authors – so please don’t ever allow someone on your self-imposed pedestal to bring you down.

If you are interested, please continue to the bottom of the page for scheduling opportunities. If you aren’t sure, why not check out the monthly webinar – The Energy of YOU and connect with others who are working with me while learning a bit about yourself in the process.




What is Soul/Spiritual Guidance?


I believe that since the beginning of human existence we have been searching for something. Most times, people are seeking something from an outside source. And I believe it is our own soul that knows what it longs to be. We are inundated with social and cultural constructs, parental guidance that strives to keep us safe and yet can create the blocks and obstacles to owning our personal strengths, and influences from school, media and imagery, government, sometimes religious constructs, and even self-help books and spiritual leadership that create a camouflage to who each of us truly is. We have been trained in the Western world that everything must be a struggle or we have to “earn” it and we continue to buy into that way of being.

Soul Guidance is the gentle and direct stripping away of those conditional beliefs and allowing each one of us to find out who we truly are. Once you navigate to that place of acceptance, you are able to choose to fully embrace your path- the path that connects you to your soul and your soul to the world.

Soul Guidance is here to show you what parts of reality you are creating and how to shift those parts that no longer serve you, benefit you, or define you.

Soul Guidance is not psychotherapy, psychology, or a replacement for traditional counseling. In fact, many of my clients seek traditional counseling in conjunction with Soul Work and allow those processes to work in tandem with one another.

Soul Guidance is deep and lasting self-work that can have a deep impact in your life and for those around you.

So, Who Am I?

I view myself as a compass or light house- bringing light to the direction you are on. Using my source of wisdom, compassion, intuition, and a deep, expansive connection to all that is – I aim to help you rediscover your authentic self.

In being present with you, I utilize Reiki healing, Energy Work, Ho’oponopono,  shamanic wisdom gained from my own personal inner work, meditation, and soul retrieval techniques to allow you to peel back the layers and see the path. It is through Love and working from the heart that we gain connection to the soul’s voice.

From a degree in Music Therapy, using sound and vibrational healing, and music and meditation techniques; psychic development studies with a great mentor;  becoming an ordained minister, an Usui method Reiki Master Teacher, a Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher; a Ho’oponopono practitioner in training; and a student of shamanic teaching I have found my soul’s joy and resonance in connecting people to the map of their own life.

I have developed my personal system of guidance and working with others over the years. I have gratitude for the deep successes and personal insights that my clients achieve through this work. I can guide you through processes of deep soul connection that bring focus, clarity, harmony and balance to your life. Or we can simply work on one issue you are having and gain insight for that area.

One-on-one sessions – either held in the office, via phone, or during face to face video conferencing – offer you a way to talk about and work through what is holding you back, keeping you stuck, or stalling the pace. Or maybe you know exactly where your life path is going and want extra development tools or insight. Whatever it is, I am here for you. I can’t wait to connect with you and I am honored to play a role in your life’s journey and to be of service to your path.

Many people ask me for recommendations on how to begin this kind of healing process and how often they need it.

You are always free to choose how often you would like to meet – even if it is only for one call or meeting. Even just one session with me can have an amazing impact on your life.

I suggest 3 sessions within 6 weeks of each other to start, with a gentle suggestion to commit to your personal growth and understanding on a regular schedule.  There is no reason not to try. During our first call or meeting, if at any time you just aren’t “feeling” it and we don’t seem to make the connection, you can end our time and owe nothing.

Regular per session fee: $85 for either In-person or Virtual spiritual coaching sessions. Sessions are limited to 90 minutes. Double sessions (2 1/2 to 3 hours) can be booked in advance for $120.00. Please note that you are scheduling for a guidance session, as people book a variety of services with me.