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Why schedule a distance Reiki session?

  • Are you feeling a little off?
  • Do you need a pick me up?
  • Do you want support for the transitions and shifting we are each encountering?
  • Are you going through challenging physical or emotional times?
  • Would you just (finally!) like some extra time to feel relaxation?
  • Has your journey led you to find support in elevating your vibration?
  • Any other reason you can imagine!


Reiki supports you and your needs and intentions.


There really is no limit to what you can invite Reiki to bring for your life.

Choose a time that works best with your schedule and Reiki will be sent to you during that period. If you are able to lay or sit quietly, the waves of Reiki energy may bring much needed relaxation and healing. Even if you are busy and need to schedule while you are active, Reiki can bring you exactly what you need at that time. Or simply create an intention that you receive Reiki when it is most opportune for you.

Booking is available for single (no contact) distance session for $20.

Don’t forget to schedule your session below!


Reiki for your Family and Friends:

For an additional $15, you may want to add distant Reiki for the people in your life. Healing as a family group, soul family group or within your circle of friends can create an impact

beyond words.

If you would like to include your friends or family for a group Reiki session, schedule just one session in your name and note first names for the members you would like to include in the session. Each of you will be sent Reiki during the scheduled time.



One Month Distant Intensive Reiki Healing ServiceDistant Reiki Intensive Healing Service

I also offer a month-long Distant Reiki Intensive Healing service.  In these daily sessions, Reiki will be sent to meet your needs and healing intentions each and every day for a 4-week period. The profound effect of continuous Reiki to our body, mind, heart and spirit is very nurturing and supports our desired intentions in a deeper way.


It is helpful and anchoring if you can think of your intention for receiving Reiki while you book your appointment. You can add your intention as a note when you schedule below. Please also note that you are scheduling for the “intensive” when booking. You only need to book your generally desired time frame for the first date. (It is not necessary to book the entire month via the scheduler!)

Thank you for allowing me to support you in this way.                                                                                               Buy One-Month Service



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