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Reiki’s healing energy flows through time and distance. As a trained Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher, I am available to send Reiki to you at a time that works for you. It is best if you can find a time when you can have some quiet and a place to relax while your Reiki or multimodality session is being given.

During a remote Reiki session, we can be on the phone or a video chat together. If you are here and reading this, you most likely already feel the connection to energy and healing.

Why schedule a distance Reiki session?

  • When you feeling a little off.
  • When you need a pick me up.
  • When you need and want support for the transitions and shifting we are each encountering.
  • If you are going through challenging physical or emotional times.
  • If you just (finally!) want some extra time to feel relaxation.
  • When your journey led you to find support in elevating your vibration.
  • Any other reason you can imagine!


In addition to Reiki, you can also schedule an appointment for a Guided Meditation, or Guided Meditation with Reiki.  Guided Meditation is a wonderful way to bring deep relaxation to your body and mind. With my intuitive style and ability to feel and read a person’s energy needs, I can help choose a style of meditation that will work best for you. If you have an area in life that you are working on, we can focus a meditation to support your clarity, healing, or insights.


While some people like oracle and tarot readings to see what is coming in their futures, I use a couple of powerful decks that have amazing healing and guidance. We can talk via phone, Zoom, FaceTime, or Google Meet and choose your intention or focus for the reading. The cards are always spot on for the space of healing a person wishes to bring to their life and I often flow Reiki and I guided meditation, depending on the time available to support your deep healing process.


When you feel out of sync, or totally in sync, with life, you may find a sense of direction is helpful. Or, sometimes you just know that there is more you can accomplish, achieve, or activate in your life and you want a mentor, guide, or coach to help you navigate the path. If this is something you want to explore, note your preference for Spiritual Counseling when you choose your appointment time.  We can also combine this with Reiki to support and anchor in what you receive from the guidance.


See the schedule below to book your appointment today.

Don’t know what you want or need? Want to try a little of everything or just let it flow and see where the session goes?

The beauty is, all of these healing practices work together so you can choose Reiki, Meditation AND Spiritual Coaching. And, it can be different every time, allowing the session to take shape in the flow of what you need most at the time of your appointment.

Once you choose your appointment time, you can choose the modality for your session. I always encourage participants to ask questions!

Virtual sessions last about 70 minutes and are $65. If you feel the value in spending more time together, 2-hour sessions can be booked for $99.  Email or call if you need assistance with booking or simply use the tool below.

If you would like to pay in advance, checkout is after the scheduling block.