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Find Healing and Understanding

Through Astrology


My name is Kayle and I am an Intuitive Astrologer. I am passionate about guiding others to heal, learn, grow and understand themselves through wisdom of the cosmos.

For more than 5 years, I have studied and practiced:

♡ Modern + Traditional Astrology

♡ Relational Astrology

♡ Psychological + Medical Astrology


What will an Astrology Reading do for you?

Through Astrology, I’ve discovered how to become the best version of myself, found healing for my trauma, healed familial and relationship issues, and a multitude of other things.

Everyone has access to this type of healing, and using the knowledge I’ve gained through my studies, I’d love to support you on your path. Familiarizing yourself with your Birth (Natal) Chart and personal Astrology can lead you to significant growth, clarity and understanding.


What I’ve studied and the methods I’ll use during your personal Astrology Reading:

Modern Astrology

Modern Astrology focuses on the inner workings of a person, and it supports the idea that not every part of our personality is set in stone. As humans, we are in constant flux and always have free will. I’ve always felt that this is an encouraging approach to take, because I don’t believe we are ever stuck or unfaceted. Through understanding and identifying patterns, there is always room to grow and become our best selves.

Traditional Astrology

Traditional Astrology relies heavily around external circumstances and the idea of fate. This approach is used to make predictions and observations about both the events that occur, and are likely to occur, in one’s life. I believe that combining Modern and Traditional Astrology paints a fuller picture of the energies we are working with.

Psychological Astrology

Using Modern Astrology, a closer look can be taken at the psychological aspects of a person. Through this lens, we can identify energies in the Natal chart that may be contributing to mental upset and/or blockages. With this method, we can find balance and remedies for these issues.

Medical Astrology

Similar to Psychological Astrology, we can often pinpoint certain health ailments or chronic issues in the chart. While this is NOT a medical diagnosis or a substitute for medical care, we can still take a look at why certain conditions may be occurring through an Astrological lens. Using the planetary energies, we can look for specific healing methods that may provide some sense of relief.

Solar Return Reading

Every year, within 2 days of our birthdays, the Solar Return occurs. This is the exact moment where the transit Sun is aligned (forms a conjunction) to our natal Sun. Analyzing this chart shows us what the following year holds. Not only do we look at the Solar Return chart itself, but we overlay it with the Natal chart to get in-depth predictions. This is a useful way to see what areas of life are going to be highlighted and what changes are likely to occur.

Book an Astrology Reading Today*

Find healing by identifying patterns and understanding yourself with your personal astrological information as your guide!

  • When booking a natal chart reading, please identify 3-5 questions or topics that you want to focus on. The chart holds so much information, so I want to ensure you are getting the clarity and answers you would most like out of a reading.  
  • Common questions/topics include: love, relationships, career, soul path, life purpose, strengths/weaknesses, family dynamics, previous life experiences, and more.


Natal Chart Analysis (1 hour) – $75

Mini Natal Chart Analysis (30 mins) – $40

Upcoming Solar Return Analysis (Recommended no longer than 3 months before birthday) (1 hour) – $75


Additional Information about booking your Astrology Reading:

Bookings can be scheduled in-person in the Cranberry Twp studio or as distance readings. Both need to made at least one day in advance of your reading.

For in-person readings, cash, check, credit card, PayPal and Venmo are accepted.

I will need you to provide your birth information  – month, day and year; time of birth and birth location. The more exact you are with the time and place of your birth, the more accurate your reading is going to be.

Please feel free to bring a journal or notebook if you want to take notes during your session.

For Mini-Natal Chart Analysis, you are given 30 minutes of the one-hour schedule block. You are welcome to extend the session to an hour during your reading if you like for an additional $35.

If you have any questions, please email me at:


Schedule an Astrology Reading with Kayle Marie:

Virtual Readings should be paid in advance of your reading. Payment link to Square or link to Venmo

Remember to submit your birth information and questions for a natal chart reading on the following form or by emailing me before your reading:

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*No pregnancy or legal questions, no health predictions.

Please note that while you may find deep personal insight, education, and information in these readings, astrology readings may only be offered for entertainment purposes and are not indicated or implied as any form of therapy, medical or psychological diagnosis, or traditional therapeutic intervention. Please consult your physician, counselor, therapist or other allopathic healthcare provider if the need arises.